Feb 7, 2018

Purple Nails- The Color of 2018 👐

Hello dear. Have you tried purple nails this year? You could know that purple is the most popular color in 2018. Do you want to try some purple nail art and follow the nail trend? Then I hope this post would provide you some nail ideas.❤

Cool line nail stamping with purple stamping polish, simple to finish and so beautiful! Like the unique design?

Lovely purple animal manicure, it is a very great idea to use the gradient design. If you wanna try purple stamping nail art, get one bottle purple stamping polish firstly.

Rose floral nail for Valentine’s Day with holographic stamping polish, such cool nail design. You would love it! 💛

If you are planning to try different nail design, different purple polish will help you. Now, hurry up and create your own purple nail art!! 


  1. I love purple 💜💜

    1. Hello Ana. Thank you so much for your support:)

  2. Replies
    1. Purple, the most popular color of 2018, try one of them this year. Thank you for your support :)

  3. Purple is one of my favourite colours, all shades of purple! :-)