Nov 29, 2017

Magic Holo Nails, Definitely Surprise you!

Hello dears. Have you got any satisfied products with big sale price on this Black Friday? If not, don’t upset, today, I am going to share you a collection of holographic polish nails. Trust me, you might not take off your nails on them just like me. Hope you are gonna love it~

Shine In The Dark- holo glitter nails with dark colors, no doubt that it is a great choice for winter, best match for cool coat. 

Magic Rainbow- light nails choice, but no shortage highlights, painting your nails like it with the relaxed mood to spend your happy day.

Temptation Wait- are you fascinated by it as its name? Just wait and check and try the romantic deep purple nail polish.

Magnificent Time- Spend five minutes to make your time become magnificent, just need to use this kind of holo polish.

Dreams Girl- Dreamlike but low-key color, why not choose this one if you are always be hopeful for everything.

Fly In The Sky- The color is close to the sky, great benefit for the beautiful sky fans, let your fingers become one part with the sky.

Ocean Kingdom- Don’t miss this kind of super shine nails if you wanna be a focus at the party, absolutely push you to a more stunning level.

All Embracing- pure green holographic nail polish, the top 1 recommendation for you, just need one bottle of polish to show your extraordinary temperament.

Together Forever-this nice name could make you think of your girl friends, apply the same polish and be girlfriends forever. Buy one for her?

Heart of Gold- the color of victory, share you much more confidence when in trouble, let it give you hope and energy for the schoolwork, for the job, for the life.

We have to express our much gratitude for all the amazing nail designs sharing, all for IG @laublm, BORN PRETTY bloggers. Thank you for your generous sharing. I love it all!

Is there any one kind of nail polish do you want to try? Welcome to share us your favorite holo colors in the comment. Expecting your unique nail art.

See you next time! 

Nov 22, 2017

Black Friday Big Sale ONLY $0.01, GIVEAWAY is Waiting for You ๐Ÿ’•

Hello lovelies. Hope everything is treating you well.

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Nov 16, 2017

How to Make Manicures Easier? ๐Ÿ‘‡

Hello dear. Hope you have a nice mood today~๐Ÿ’•

For the nail artists, it is easier to do care for their nails. I believe most people just like me, simply cut out the extra nails to finish nail care each time. How do we fix our nails to make our nails healthier and more beautiful?
Today I am well prepared some nail tutorials and nail tools, hope it is helpful for you. After seeing this post, do not just make your manicures into a mess next time.

Do you know which nail tools need to be used for repairing nails?

Trimmer Pliers 
Instructions: After washing your hands, cut out the required length, be gentle to cut into the corner of the nail, until embedded in the meat cut, and then gently pick then you could clean up the corner barbed. And then repair the edge, cut into mixed circles. It is a very great choice for toenails with the bent nose pliers.
Tips: The nails can not be cut too deep, otherwise the nail bed will become shorter and shorter to affect the appearance of nails, especially women. It could be used for cut nails, false nails, 3D decorations and so on.

Glass File 
Instruction: Grind your nails with glass file and follow the order of filing the two sides then the front side to grind it into ideal nail shape after determining the length of the nails. ( There will be detailed steps about how to make several nail shapes at the end of the post )
Tips: When using a nail file to grind the nail shape, the two sides of the nails should be finely and the front end must be rounded.

Cuticle Pusher 
Instruction: Push the aging skin to the palm of the hand to make the nail cap look slender, then scrape the cutin withe the other end of the pusher.

Tips: Moderate force should be used to push the dead skin, not too much force, so as not to damage the methyl, otherwise it will affect the growth of nails.

Cuticle Scissors 
Instruction: Cut off the dead skin and thorn with the cuticle scissors to make the fingers looks beautiful and tidy.
Tips: Do not pull when using the cuticle scissors, and just cut it directly, so as not to damage the finger skin, and can not be cut too deep.

Dead Skin Fork 
The dead fork is used for the dead skin of the two-side nails and trim the nails in the direction of the nails.
Tips: Don’t cut it forth and back to avoid hurting the nails.

Nano Buffer File 
The nano file can throw off the cutin of the nail surface to make the nails surface thinner and brighter, then nails will look crystal shining.

Tips: Don’t polish your nails with the side of thickest surface, otherwise the nails will become thinner; Do not rub your nails back and forth when polishing because the heat generated by friction could make you feel uncomfortable.

The bacteria carried with nails will be attached to the tools, do not forget to disinfect the tools after trim your own nails at home.

How to trim the nails into the ideal shapes?
Oval-shape nails are favored for women with its elegance, which is suitable for wide and narrow nail bed, the grown nail bed could create a beautiful fingertips.
How to?
1. Grind the nails from the two sides to the middle part horizontally until both sides are symmetrical; 
2. continue to polish the nails from the edge to the center until to make the outer edge nails into oval.

The squoval nails has the elegance of oval and capable of oval nails, and the square nails can be counted as the most popular nail shape. This nails shape is suitable for most people, which can be described as the ideal shape of nails.
How to?
1. Firstly, polish the nails into square shape. The specific operation is polishing the nails from the two sides to the middle part and grind the both sides into ninety degrees at right angles;
2. Round the right and left sides until the nail outer edges appear oval nails. The feather of square circular nails is still visible on both sides of the straight line, not to polish the corner too round.

Square nails are the basic form of classic French manicure. This shape of nails on both sides is straight line with sharp corners. Square nails are suitable for a longer nails, larger nail bed, which can narrow nails visually to make the fingers seem more slender.
How to?
1. Grind the nails from the two sides to the middle part horizontally, grind the both sides into ninety degrees at right angles;
2. Grind the nails to the desired length and shape, incline the nail file and grind it slightly obliquely to the right and left corners.

Round nails are short and cute, which are suitable for those who want to stay short nails, or do not want too bother modeling. This shape of nails is a great choice for the wider nails to make  nail beds look narrow, then narrow the nails in the visual.
How to?
1. Grind the nails from the two sides to the middle part horizontally, until both sides are symmetrical;
2. Grind the edge of the corner to the site into a clear arc.

Avant-garde almond-shaped nails are best suited to match with crystal or art nails, and very popular in central Europe and Asia. Super stars also love to try sharp gorgeous fingertips. But almond-shaped nails are not suitable for everyone to try, it will definitely make the nails become more slender, so if the natural nails shape is too large or too small, or finger thicker people are not suitable for this nails shape.
How to?
1. Carefully polish the nails on both sides to make them show symmetrical on both sides and get more and more fine shape;
2. Grind the nails to cone shape from two sides to the middle part until you get satisfactory results.

How to decide your own suitable nail shape? Nail trimming needs to fit the thickness and length of the finger and nail bed shape. If your bed is generous, then square shape will be more suitable;  cad sharp square nails could be considered for narrow nail bed, not only slender fingers and increase the sense of strength; great choice to try circular nails if you do not stay long nails with less trouble.
Another way to determine the shape of a nail is by reference to the shape of the half-moon on the nail. In general, the larger crescent moon can consider oval or round nails; smaller arc crescent moon can consider square or squoval nails.

Now, it’s a end. Hope it helps and each nail tool could be found here->> Do not wait anymore, just repair your nails into suitable one!๐Ÿ’ข

Nov 9, 2017

My Routine Nail Care , How about You?

Hello, dears. Happy Wednesday! Hope this blog about how to care your nails could help you.

Many people’s nails are yellow and dull, actually, it is a signal that you should take care of your nails. Whether you have manicure or not, nail care could not be ignored. Next, the following nail tips will share you how to help your nail care including the yellow nails problems.

For my routine nail care, three nail products are necessary, they are: lemon hand cream, cuticle oil and nail file.

Cuticle Oil
Many nail manicurists would skip the cuticle oil care steps, the result will let you feel sorry if you often do some different manicures and remove them again and again. It is indispensable to apply it after each manicure and each manicure removal. And just keep remember, still be consistent to use it even if you don’t have any nail art. Massage the cuticle softly for 2 minutes will be more effective to help it absorb quickly!

Nail File
It is hard to say which kind of nail file is the best one to buy. You have to choose a nail file according to how will you use it and the nail hardness. So it’s important to figure out your nails’ type. Shape your nails with a mill file, and polish the nail surface with thin and fine nail file or buffer. Simple steps, but useless if you select the wrong products.

Lemon Hand Cream
Here I would not recommend a brand I used, just an ordinary hand cream full of vitamin C. You know that vitamin C is very great for nail even our body. I usually use the lemon hand cream at least twice everyday and you will be surprised that I have many hand creams around me if you know me, then when I forget to use it and I can see it available everywhere! Thin hand cream will be applied in hot day. You may assume that it is mainly useful for hands not for nails, yes, it is right in a way. But the effect will be obvious if you continue to massage the hand cream around your nails.

Nail tips:
1. Be consistent to use the cuticle oil and the hand cream, massage your nails when you apply them. Routine cuticle oil may take lots of time to show the result, but you will be astonished to see the nice effect after long-time good habit keeping, so be patient.
2. Don’t pull the pulling agnail with your finger, just cut it with clippers directly.
3. Apply the nail file when your hair has static electricity.
4. Don’t peel of your polish nails with hands, it is really harmful for your nails. Try to avoid this bad habit.
5. Try not to use your nails when you open the doors, click the keyboard, and do so many other things which would be harmful for your nails.
6. Disinfect the nail tools especially the common care tools in some salon.

You could find everything nail care products in

And just keep your nails in good condition, it will make you feel more confident. My nail care routines and nail care shared with you, could you share me how do you protect your nails? If you have any other questions, I will try my nest to help you. See you next time. 

Nov 2, 2017

How Could You Resist the Temptation of Checked Nails?

Hello dear. Excited to see you again.
Many questions received recently about what kind of nails is suitable for this fall? Then I would definitely to recommend you try checked nails, fashionable and all match. Now, follow me to enjoy more~

Perfect choice to match this checked dress with those checked stamping nails, which color do you think is the best match for this suit? Why not try the fourth nail stamping plates to add more bright colors? Item code: 34590 from

A coat, a scarf in your wardrobe to match with these checked nails, it can be said that the most classic style. Trust me, match like that, temperament will be more than a degree up ~ ~ ~ The first one is my favorite, great checked manicure, I am going to try and join me to see more details here.

Bright orange tippet might be better to match certain kind of low-key colored check nails. You could plan to try this match if you exactly have similar scarf. Don’t miss the classic pattern nails.

Pale yellow scarf and brown bag, easy to match some creative checked nails, and I think the yellow checked nails are perfect for the suit. How do you think of it? Item code 30341 from

Last match, beautiful dark coat, it will be better to painting your nails into dark blue or dark gery, black nails is also a good choice.

Finally, Share you guys two tutorial checked videos, follow it and have a nice try! Love you guys forever!