May 20, 2020

BUY 1 GET 1 FREE --NEW Crystal Stamper Releasing

BORN PRETTY New released translucent crystal stamper, easily to operate, you can see the position of the images on your nails and there will be no more mistake about the position.

Limited BUY 1 GET 1 SALE, buy 1 stamper, get 1 hot stamping polish for free, there are 48 colors for choosing. 

Which one you wanna try?

Oct 29, 2018

Fall Inspo

Hello. Lovelies. Its getting chilled. Many of you may be wondering what kind of color should I wear for this autumn, or what kind of design should I DIY. Here Ill show you my ideas. Hope you like it and give you some inspo.

I will choose some warm color like dark red. And this is also our new arrival Peel Off Nail Polish. The biggest advantage is that it dries super fast and no need any remover tool. It can be peeled off. The apricot on the ring finger and index finger is also our Peel Off Nail Polish. The flowers stamped on the nails is BPX-L018. Floral image is what we would love to see in all seasons. Besides nail polish and stamping plate, some stamping polish like the silver and white stamping polish from White Night Stamping Series, yellow stamping polish from Candy Color Series.

Well. If you dont like dark series. Here is the true color of fall. You will be delighted. This one is from one of our reviewer @damselnails. Im so excited to see so beautiful things. And cant wait to share it with you. The brown maples gives me vibes of fall.

Do you ever have some kind of inspiration? Hope to see your nails.

Oct 1, 2018

Happy Chinese National Day

Hi. Lovelies. How was your weekend? I hope you have a great weekend. Here shared you a good news. The National Day in China is coming. Yah. And the most exciting news is that we will take one week off. So how do I express my love for my country? Besides to be a civilized citizen, I will openly show my love to my great country through nails

Used our newly released Chinese Style stamping plate L002. With more and more people flooding into China and learn Chinese, and more and more people getting to know China, I believe people all over the world will love this legendary country. All symbolic landmark and images are on the plate. Besides stamping plate, Red and White Peel Off Nail Polish also our new arrivals are used. The most popular gold and red stamping polish cant be ignored. Since gold and red are the representative color of China. Gold for nobleness, red for passion and victory.

Except Chinese style stamping plates, what kind of style plates do you want to see in our store. Please leave your comment down here, and let us know. We need your ideas.

Anyway, to celebrate this joyful holiday, we will have more discounts activities during our National Day. Got ready for that? All items in this link:Promotion shopping guide are only $0.99 during Sep.30th-Oct.5th.

Not done yet. Buy one and get one free. The most popular Glitter Series Peel Off Nail Polish plus Pink Series Peel Off Nail Polish. Only $3,99 for two bottles during Sep.30th-Oct.6th.

But these are just appetizer. The sumptuous meal is way behind. BornPretty 8th anniversary(Oct 10th-16th) is forthcoming. So in order to thank all customers, reviewers or followers of bornpretty. We will have more surprising discounts activities as shown in the below picture. Stay tuned for that. Thank you for your support and trust all the time. We will continue to offer better products and service to all beauty lovers. Love you:)

Aug 31, 2018

How Much Do You Love Green?

Summer time is counting down. Autumn is sneaking in secretly. Autumn is always an epitome of melancholy and depression here. Because the natural world will lead to depression in fall. But we can still cheer up by doing a new nail design. What color can make me fresh? Definitely green!!!

This nail design is killing me. A perfect match with the dress. All look so refreshed. Would absolutely become a lightspot among the crowds. The floral stamped nails will never go out of fashion. I will never get bored with it.

The stamping polish used here is Pure White and Dark Green. Top coat is our new arrival-BORN PRETTY Tempered Enhance Matte Top Coat. The thumb, ring finger and little finger are applied Green Soak Off UV Gel. If you think it a little extravagant. Then try a light green:

This is our new arrival Glitter Soak Off UV Gel Polish. Looks blingbling and not too thick. And I am also fascinated by the dream catcher stamping plate. Stamping posh is from BP-WN05 Darker Armor. Hope you like it:) Wish all you a happy weekend.

Aug 28, 2018

Ready For School Days? How About A Refreshed Nail Design to Stand Out?

Summer vacation is counting down to end. Ready for meeting friends with a new nail look? I know its kind of hard to leave your dad and moms warm hugs. But people grow up anyway. Or you can put your love for parents on your nails. Just like this:

I love Dad stamping plate, usually popular on Fathers Day. But for me, everyday is Fathers Day. Because I super love my Dad. Except the plate, Mirror Nail Polish and white stamping polish is used here. If you are not interested in such kind of design. We got another look for your reference:

This looks intelligent. The formula, the maths, all express your love and desire for knowledge, though Im not good at math. But we have chemical, physics and English type stamping plate. Trust me, it will look so cool on your nails. The polish on thumb, index finger and little finger is Matte Nail Polish. Looks like camo. But you can DIY with more colors.

Anyway, this studying nail design is not exaggerated, suitable for school look. So wanna give it a shot? Wish to see your fingersWhen someone said your nails are so pretty, it will brighten my day. Thats the charm of doing nails. Life may not be colorful, but your nails can be:) Hope to see your design in the comment.