Aug 18, 2016

BornPretty 30 NEW Stamping Plates Giveaway Winners!

Hello sweeties,

Thank you so much for all your nice comments.
We are really happy to hear that you like our NEW Stamping Plates.

Glad to tell you that these amazing stamping plates are now available at a very nice discount on our website.
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Aug 15, 2016

New BORNPRETTY® Stamping Plates Release and Give Away

Hello Sweeties,

New BORNPRETTY® Stamping Plates are now Releasing!!

There are 30Pcs Round plates in this stock,including many pretty, amazing and creative patterns.
Do like them? Do you want them?

We now have a giveaway for our blog followers and customers.
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Please also leave the stamping plate number you'd like to choose and  your email here. If you're chosen as the winner, we can contact you.

We will choose 20 winners form participants, each winner can choose 2 plates you like best from these new 30 plates.

Expired: 18th August, 2018 (Included 18th, August)
We will post the 20 lucky winners on 18th August. 
Just join us and share it!  You guys Good luck!!

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Aug 9, 2016

Bring More Creative Ideas to Fingers

Hi Sweeties,
How are you and your nails this week? 
These day, I found several beautiful nails and manicure ideas, I just can't wait to share with you!!
Then, let' s begin:

The first one is Blush Nails.
Blush Water Decals come from our BornPretty Store.

This creation is stunning and brilliant, it's so elegant and cute as blush of young girls or flower petals.

Full post of the blush nails HERE

Then there are three beautiful stamping nails that I want to share with you.
The first one is Charming Berry Nails.

Not only there is strawberry but also many other fruit patterns: lemon, apple, cherry, pineapple, you can use this plate to do any of your ideal summer fruit theme nails.

The second one is Elegant Ballet Girl Nails.

The blogger used Dancing Design Plate BP-X07

I think the best way to use it is to combine a base of gradient effect and the dancing patterns, this can be fairy.
But of course, you can use it to try more creations!

The third one is Lace Madala Nails.
To be honest, this is my favorite of the above three, it's amazing!!

The blogger used Madala Design Pattern BP-X15

This is one of the hottest-sale plate of these BP-X series Stamping Plate.
If you haven't got yours, I think you should get one for yourself!
Full post of the three stamping nails HERE

The last one is a Shattered Glass Nails.

Very simple but chic design, it must be a eye-catching manicure.
The Blogger used Nail Vinyls Stencil Stickers Y015

You can use it to create the shattered glass effect very easily. : )
Full post of this mani HERE

That's all for today's blog. Does it give your some inspirations? 
Click HERE to look for our nail art new arrival products, we welcome your reviews all the time.
If you have some good ideas or some other suggestions for us, please feel free to leave comments below and contact us : ) 

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Aug 5, 2016

Let's Enjoy Freedom of Soul : )

One of the best way to get freedom is going to nature or somewhere that you are not familiar with. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery, let everything troubles you go with the wind.
Living in the moment, then you can enjoy your own freedom and get relaxed.
But....First, you should equip yourself with some accessories for your trips. 
So, today I will show you guys some accessories and jewelry.

1 Hair bands

They are must-have items for girls with long hair.They maybe be thought out of fashion by some people, the following pictures will tell you, hair bands can be beautiful attractive.

(1)Daisy Rhinestone Hair Bands

It's cute and elegant.

A wonderful addiction to styling.

(3)Ultra-shining Crystal Hair Band 
It's shining enough to let you be the spotlight at the seaside.

Full post of hair bands HERE

Next, there are some jewelry, they are simple and stylish.

They are just perfect for people who wear watches or other bracelets, they are thin but beautiful.

Full post of the bracelet HERE

Mirrored items are the trend of this year, must have! And you can also buy Mirror Nail Polish to follow the trend. 


Simple Style Silver Necklace

 6Pcs/set V-shape Retro Ring Set

Simple is the best.

Get ready? Go somewhere, enjoy yourself and smile.

Full post of the above 4 items HERE

These following three necklaces are for you selfies!! Yes, they are born to be so pretty.

(1)Elegant Golden Stylish Rhinestone Necklace (Silver is also available)

 (2) Charming Daisy Pendent Chain

Beautiful and romantic, how about taking a selfie with them? 
Full post of those three necklaces HERE


Okay.That's all for today's blog,
Have you already picked out what you love?
BornPretty Store offer free shipping service worldwide and guarantee good customer service. Come and try something!

And don't forget to use CODE: GPL91 to get 10% off discount when shopping!

If you have some good ideas or some other suggestions for us, please feel free to leave comments below and contact us : )