May 27, 2015

New BORNPRETTY® Stamping Plates Are Coming ! Share to Win Free One !

Hello Beauties,
Fancy New BORNPRETTY® Stamping Plates are online now!!!
There are 10 new pieces(5Pcs Round Ones & 5Pcs Rectangular Ones) for this stock with many pretty and adorable patterns. Are you excited with them? Do you like them ? Do you want to get them for free?

If so , just share the above banner picture on at least Two social websites such as Instagram / Blogspot / Facebook / Google+ / Tumblr and so on, then leave a comment with your links here. (When you share the banner please also share this link:
You will have the chance to get one free new BORNPRETTY® Stamping Plate.
We will choose 30 lucky participants from you. Each winner can choose one pattern from the new 10 patterns you like best. So please also leave the pattern number you'd like to choose & your email here. If you're chosen as the winner, then we can contact you more easily.
What's more, there's another surprise, we will choose 3 Super Lucky Winners (who have shared the banner on more social websites) from you. Each of them could Get One Free Rectangular Stamping Plate Organizer from our store.

Expired: 28th May ,2015 (Included 28th,May)

If you like them and want to buy them,  they are Low To $0.99 on 29th May ! Also Buy New Stamping Plates Can Gift Stamping Polish on that day(Only 24 Hrs available) Don't miss them on that day !  Click here to know more details :

Now, just join us and share it !

We will post the Total 33 lucky winners on 29th May. Good luck!^^

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May 16, 2015

BornPretty Lip Makeup Show (1)

Hi Sweeties,

See you again :D
Today's theme is : Lip makeup show.
Such Amazing effect, if you like it. Please don't hesitate to comment on and pay more attention to us:D  IG @bornprettymua

Now, let's enjoy them in details.^^

1.Post by Jessica item #15445

2.Post by Mariëlle  item #18373

3.Post by Lauren and Eleanor & Estelle& Diana   item #15733

4.Post by Rebecca  item #18924

5.Post by Cat and Qashang and Sheling and Evelina  item  #15629

6.Post by Amy and Angela& Krystal and Bebhinn    item  #18087

7.Post by Sara & Brigette and Peggy item  #13818

8.Post by Liz  item  #18916

9.Post by Simone  item #18373

10. Post by Beata  item  #18329

11.Post by Eloisa and Laila   item  #15640

12.Post by  Dorota    item  #18539

13.Post by Kirsten and Iris    item  #18032

14.Post by Iina   item  #15368

15.Post by Iina   item  #17166

16.Post by Evgeniya   item  #14028

17.Post by Evgeniya   item  #12049

18 Post by Diana  item  #18304

So much lip makeup reviews today, Hope you enjoy them~~
More lip makeup reviews will be shown constantly. Have a great weekend :D
And next time we will show much gorgeous review on our 38 colors Matte Velvet Lip Gloss.

If you are interested in reviewing lip item from our store, please email Details will be talked through message.(you must be the new member who has never cooperated us before)

PS: follow bornprettymua or #bornprettymua if you show your makeup posts with our items.

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May 11, 2015

20 Lucky Winners! & Buy BornPretty Water Decals Now!

Hi Pretties,
Great news for you : BornPretty App Seckill is coming !!!
Only $0.01, you can buy one water decals lucky bag (Product ID: #16246).
Only $0.01, you can buy one starry foil sticker (Product ID: #20638).
Are you excited with it ? Don't miss it !

Also BornPretty Newly Water Decals are online , you can buy them now !!!
All of them are Low To $1.59 Only in 24 Hours!
Total 20 Kinds are available, each kind contains two different patterns.
If you like them, you can't miss them Today !!!

Click here to see the details:

At last , thanks so much for participating the new water decals giveaway !!!
Let's Congratulations To The Following 20 Lucky Winners :

mari sol

Anika Biegemann

virginia liberatori


 Eva Van Den Bergh

 Irina Zorg

 Amethyst |

Karolina Majewska




Colorea tus uñas

Raquel Nail Art


Yulia Marchenko

Romina Campos


 Oana Alexandru

 BiBi Kuku Nails

We will contact the above winners later, and send the prize water decals as soon as possible. Hope you will enjoy this!^^ Have a nice day!!!

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May 7, 2015

BornPretty Newly Water Decals Are Online ! Get Them For Free!

Hi Lovelies,
I'm so excited to see you today.
First of all, I want to share the nice news to you. App For iPhone version is online now. Search "BornPretty" or "bornpretty" on iPhone App Store to download our App. All App Orders can get free gifts. You can click here to get more details.

The another one is that BornPretty Newly Water Decals Stickers are coming!!! You can buy them On 12th May.

There will be 20 kinds (BP-W01 To BP-W20) available for the first stock. Each kind cotains two different patterns. It includes many fancy patterns, such as cute owl, colorful feather, pretty dandelion, awesome dreamcather and beautiful flowers and arabesque patterns. You can see them in the following detailed pictures.

BP-W01 & BP-W02 

BP-W03 & BP-W04

BP-W05 & BP-W06

 BP-W07 & BP-W08

BP-W09 & BP-W10

BP-W11 & BP-W12

BP-W13 & BP-W14

BP-W15 & BP-W16

BP-W17 & BP-W18

BP-W19 & BP-W20

Are they fabulous and pretty? Do you also like them ? Which pattern you like best? Do you want to get them for free. Just leave a comment here to join the giveaway.

Details & Rules:

2. write a comment for your favourite pattern number.

3. Also leave your email here. Then we can contact you more easily.

4. Expired : Before12th May

We will choose 20 lucky participants here. They can choose one pattern from above they like best for prize. 

If you like them, you can buy them in our store on 12th May.

Don't miss them on that day!!! 

All of them will be Low To $1.59 on that day! 

Are you looking forward to them? !~ Ha ha ha ...

Good luck!!! Have a great weeknd!^^

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