Jun 30, 2012

Vote for June Nail Art Contest!

Hello beauties!

We have collected all entries for June nail art contest and are hosting this fair vote to choose final three winners. Thanks for all girls' entries and they are all awesome.

Vote Rules:
1. Date: June, 30 - July 3.

2. We welcome every visitor to take part in this vote. Please just choose one design  you like best and leave a comment with the designer's number to vote.

3. We also offer two gifts for this vote. Each person who votes will have a opportunity to get a color changing nail polish or a cute iPhone case. We will randomly pick out two lucky voters. 

Anonymous vote will not be counted.

No.1 Lora

No. 2 Beautilicious Blogger


No. 3 Marias Nail Art

 No. 4 Raggio di Luna

No. 5 Stephanie

No. 6 Emma

No. 7 Jessica
No. 8  britneylover

No. 9 Anonymous

No. 10 WillNeverDie.

No. 11 Gwenn V      

No. 12 Breena


No. 13 Julie Mason

No. 14 Nelly

No. 15 Karine

No. 16 JennaFroggy

No. 17 Tinka

No. 18 Juliana Goulart Esmalte por Esmalte 

 No. 19  Ani smink és köröm

No. 20  ingilizanahtari 

No. 21  Taya

No. 22 Ashley

No. 23 Heidi Placanico

No. 24 Rachel M. B

No. 25 Rose127

No. 26 heartNAT

No. 27 nail crazy

No. 28 Angelik

No. 29 MesiaszCiszy

No. 30 créa-diddlindsey

No. 31  puja malhotra

No. 32 ChicaRocky2

No. 33 Pauline - omgnoodles