Dec 26, 2017

Chameleon Nails-Nail Fashionista Will Absolutely be Crazy

Hello sweeties. How is your Christmas holiday? Hope you you could enjoy your holidays very much. Today, I am very happy to share you a roundup of chameleon nails. Trust me, nail fashionista will absolutely be crazy about the chameleon effect nails. Let’s enjoy them now together.

Holographic chameleon cat eye gel nails, I cannot describe how much I love cat eye nails, the beauty is really beyond my words. The chameleon and holo effect will be more stunning to use the black gel base! BORN PRETTY new arrival, check #41598 from 

The second one I shared is chameleon pearl shell gel polish, 6 colors optional! Which color is your favorite one? You could get chameleon effect with black base and the pearl effect is very great with white base! As I see, the white base gel nails look elegant, while the black gel nails are so cool! Two styles, all designed for you :)

Obvious and strong chameleon effect gel polish, and this color is so fantastic!! Best match for winters to be with your coat, how do you think of that? Item code: #41685, find the one you are going to try!

This one is chameleon stamping polish, provide you more choices for nail stamping lovers! Chameleon effect will make the nail stamping lively!

Also chameleon stamping polish, but this one is designed with pearl effect, look at the two pictures, could you figure out the differences between them? New product #41594 to get more details from

Transparent chameleon gel polish with flakes, so special! Nice gel nails with glitter powder effect. To get better chameleon effect if you could use the black gel base and free to compare the black gel base and white gel base effect!

Chameleon nail polish, simple to apply and removal! Glitter effect makes the polish look so great, I love this one! Item code: 40036. Have a nice try!

Two different colors, one of them is just chameleon nail polish, while another one has glitter and flakes effect! Which one do you like more?

Look at the last one, chameleon pearl polish nails, buffer your nails before applying the polish to be better! Here to check more. Try it soon and change another nail style!

Now, it is done! Have you found the one you are planning to try? Please be free to share us your nail art works later.

Finally, it is the last post in 2017, thank you so much for your support this year. ♥♥Many thanks for all of you and we will try to improve more to provide you better shopping experience. Wish you have a happy new year. ♥♥♥♥♥

Dec 20, 2017

Neon Unicorn Powder Nails Gather, Deserve Your Attention 👀

Hello lovelies. Merry Christmas! 💝How is your holiday going? Hope you will have a unforgettable holiday. See here to enjoy your leisure time after your Christmas festival ready. Today, I am going to share you a roundup of neon unicorn nails, are you expecting it? If yes, please follow me to check this blog now.👇

Unicorn chrome powder nails, one of the hottest of unicorn nail items, item code #39940. Different nail shapes shared here, which one shape do you think is the most suitable for unicorn powder nails? How about the last magic one? 👯
Tip: you could get different unicorn effect, it depends on how much you would apply the powder on your nails.

The second roundup of unicorn nails, both unicorn&mirror effect, it will be a great idea to paint some patterns with no-wipe top coat like the first one. Consider this kind of nail type if your nails are large enough, just as the third one, so cool to do your manicures like that. Try this one from💚

Another round, amazing, look at the first one, great idea to paint it with star and unicorn patterns! You would get different nail effect with different colored base, using the black base to get chameleon effect. Wanna try? Item code #40603. 🙌

Rainbow effect, don’t miss it if you also love the mermaid nails. Simple process to finish it, just as other regular powder. Item code #40626.

And, do not miss this essential powder nail tool- Nail Powder Sponge Puff Brush, only $1.29 to help you finish the nail powder applying step!Now, are you going to try your unicorn nails? Then let the unicorn pattern enrich your leisure life.💤

Finally, big benefit shared, wanna get free nail cuticle oil? Check here to apply->>, don’t miss the time!

Dec 12, 2017

Christmas Nails-Gifts As Beautiful As They Are Useful 🙉

Hello dear. Happy holiday! Christmas is just around the corner, do you have any great ideas for your Christmas nails? Welcome to share your Christmas nail ideas with us. :) And follow me to enjoy a collection of nail art designs from bloggers, thanks for your generous sharing.

Look at the three snowflake nail stamping, all designed with Xmas stamping plate BP-L032 (item code 23268), which one is your favorite? The first dreamy one, the second elegant one or the third glitter one? Maybe you could try one of them and match it with your different style clothes.

Simple hollow snowflake sticker, easy to use it. It is a great choice to apply it with nail polish or gel polish, select one pattern and peel off it, then it is done! So easy, right? Nice gift for your friends who are nail art beginners.

Two lovely deer stamping nails and cute snowman Christmas nails, wanna try it for your Christmas holiday? Just search 41081 from bornprettystore to get more surprises. 

Another cute deer stamping nails, BORN PRETTY one of the hottest Christmas plate, snowflake, snowman, Christmas socks, Christmas hats, Christmas tree and so many other patterns, all shared here. Which pattern do you want to try best? Item code: 36245.😊

Mainly for snowflake and Christmas tree manicures, adorable plate patterns, essential beauty for the holiday, nice choice to paint your nails with green and red stamping polish. Just try to create your own unique Christmas nails soon.💗

Are you excited for the coming holiday? You could choose to be more beautiful with those lovely Christmas nails. And they are all beautiful gifts as they are useful for your girl friends, beauty products always great choice, get it for her~

Happy holiday and see you next time! 💝

Dec 5, 2017

How to Finish Gorgeous Reverse Stamping Nails with Four Steps

Hello dears. How are you? It becomes cooler, just keep warm and take care of yourself well. ❤ Sweeties, do you want to try any cool nails? If yes, do not miss this tutorial project. Now, I am going to share you how to design reverse stamping nail art with three steps, right, it just needs 4 steps to finish your gorgeous manicures. Follow me to check this video~

Firstly, apply your nails with base coat nail polish and one kind of color nail polish; 👇

Secondly, select the pattern of stamping plates ( #38689 ) you love and apply one kind of color stamping polish ( #27268 ), press the stamper onto the plate to pick up the pattern;👇

Thirdly, apply the top coat nail polish onto the stamper, then paint the pattern with different colored stamping polish ( It is free to use some colors you love);👇

Finally, apply the peel-off nail latex ( #36614 )around your nails and peel off the nail polish film then apply it on your nails, cut off the extra film. Apply top coat to finish your nails.👅

Then you would get this amazing stamping nails, do you also like it? 

Feel free to share me your questions if there is anything you do not understand. Remember to use the peel- off nail latex to protect you nails well.

Thank you for the sharing from @peb_nails , all of her videos are very helpful. Wanna try it now? You could also finish it even if you are new to nail art. Be confident and design your unique nails. Welcome to share us your creative nail ideas. See you next time!