Feb 25, 2016

New BP Holo Nail Polishes Are Online! & Giveaway Winners!

Hi Pretties,

New Year BP Holo & Chameleon nail polishes have been onlined for sometime already. Did you pay attention to them? If not, you may have a look here and enjoy the gorgeous colors for them.

BP Chameleon nail polish 33# ( Black Base Color Needed)
Detailed review here:

BP Chameleon nail polish 31# ( Black Base Color Needed)
Detailed review here:

BP Chameleon nail polish 32# ( Black Base Color Needed)
 Detailed review here

BP holo nail polish #21
Detailed review here & here:

BP holo nail polish 23#
Detailed review here & here :

BP holo nail polish 24#
Detailed review here :

BP holo nail polish 25#
Detailed review here :

Do you like the colors for the new BP chameleon & holo nail polishes ? Or do you want to find other colors for nail polishes in our store? Just feel free to leave a comment of your idea here.^^

Also, thanks very much for joining the BP UV Gel giveaway!
Then congratulations to the following 20 lucky winners!


Wspólne pasje

 Marry J

Gosia C-M


 Manases Andrea

 Ana ♥

 Marija F.


 Apolinaria L.

 Nails Art My Passion



 bubica vucko


 Lisa N.

 BiBi from LiensLadyNails

 Christine Schultz
 Adalia M

 Yulia Marchenko

We will contact the above 20 winners later. And ship the prize BP UV Gels and base coat & top coat set ASAP. Hope you will enjoy this ! 
If you don't win the prize this time, don't get discouraged. We will have more nice giveaways in the future. Anyone of you could be the winners next time. 

Wish all you a great weekend!^^ 

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Feb 23, 2016

New BP UV Gel Polishes Giveaway!

Hi lovelies,

Nice to see you here again!^^

As you know, we're keeping producing BP new nail art items for you. If you visit our site recently, you can find that there are so many new BP UV Gels in our store.

Today, I will introduce some fancy and popular ones for you.

 BP Cat Eye UV Gel:

BP Multi Chrome UV Gel:

BP Candy Color UV Gel:

BP Simple UV Gel:

BP Shimmer UV Gel:

 BP Nude Series UV Gel:

BP Grey Series UV Gel:

 BP Red Series UV Gel:

BP Purple Series UV Gel:

Do you like these new ones? Would you like get them for free? Then just leave a comment here to join the giveaway.

Details & Rules:

1. Follow our blog 

2. Leave a comment here. (The comment can be if you use UV gel or not, if you like the color or not,  the color you like most; or what colors do you want to find in our store)

3. Also leave your email here. Then we can contact you more easily.

4. Expired : 24th February ,2016 (Included 24th,February)

20 Lucky Participants will be picked up randomly.  Each winner choose 2 bottles BP UV Gel above she likes and one BP base coat & top coat set below as prize.

The winners will be announced on 25th February,2016

If you like them, you can also buy them now !!! 

Good luck! ^^ 

Use code  GPL91 at checkout can get 10% Off discount !