Apr 28, 2011

Contest- Giveaways: Win the whole kit of 10 colors cracking nail polish

Contest- Giveaways: Win the whole kit of 10 colors cracking nail polish contest will run a week, 3 lucky winners will get these 10 colors cracking polish plus the clear topcoat and silver color base nail polish for cracking polish!
Contest Details:
One week contest: 29th April - 6th May
How Do I enter:
Members must like us on facebook.
Facebook / blog / youtube the contest, if you don't have any of the account,then you can find some forum to promote this contest. Copy your link of Facebook / blog / youtube link under this post:
One Entry per person (1 reply only).  Duplicate replies will be deleted, do NOT reply more than once.
We will take all of the entries and use to select the winner! The winner's reply# will be the number that will select.

10pcs free hello kitty plate everyday.

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Thanks for everyone's support.
If you guys are always watching us on facebook, someone may still remember we have asked you guys one questions:
What's your favourate color for the cracking nail polish? And we have already fixed the color, now the factory are preparing the polish, we'll offer them as soon as possible.
Now, this time, we choose the hello kitty / Chanel Logo sticker to be the freebies.
But if you love hello kitty or chanel sticker much better, leave a message when check out. :)
You can get hello kitty nail sticker
We'll start the giveaways when there're 3500 likes on our facebook page, when the likes reach 3500, we'll offer 1000 pcs nail art sticker for you guys, in a week. That means if we can't get more than 3500 likes the freebie will have to be cancelled. Of course, if we can get more than 3500 likes, we'll offer more than 1000 freebies. That means 3501 likes, there'll 1001 freebies available. And we'll offer 5500 nail art stikcers if we can get 5500 likes.
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Good Luck, everyone!
Note: You'll need to login paypal to check out the freebie, but it'll charge you nothing, if we get your payment for this item, we'll contact you confirm do you want to pay for it, and if you don't want to pay for it, we'll refund your money. Please don't be upset when you need to login paypal. :)
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NOTD 27/04: Acrylic Paint Leopard Toe Nail Art

Acrylic brush:
Acrylic pigment:

Apr 27, 2011

NOTD 26/04: Heart & Bowknot Acrylic mold DIY Nail Art

 I chose the acrylic mold: Heart Shape and Bowknot shpape, use the acrylic powder mix with acrylic powder, after they shaped, glue them, then it's done! 
Items include:

Apr 24, 2011

NOTD 24/04: Floral Uv Gel Nail Art

Related items:
Uv Gel:
Acrylic colors:
Acrylic Brush:

Apr 23, 2011

NOTD 23/04: Leopard Paint Silver Glitter Rhinestone Uv Gel Nail Art

This is the first post for the NOTD, and I'll try to post 1 nail art design everyday, and hope I can finish this, I really like leopard, and the leopard on the nail art paint by acrylic colors:
 Here's the acrylic color pigment:
I choose the White color pigment as foundation, and the leopard can be more clear, then use the brown color pigment to dot casually, then one side dot the black color, the other side is also black. then it's done.
The glitter, you can use the 3mm silver color rhinestone, and you also can use the Swarovski crystal:

3mm glitter:
Swarovski crystal:

Apr 3, 2011

Free Eyelash will be available on Apr 7 at
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The first giveaways for the eyelash ended. If you still haven't got the eyelash.
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