May 30, 2012

Some Nice Nail Art Designs Share!

Good afternoon everyone. It seems that recently so many girls went out for their summer vacation and hope your guys would have a great time. Besides with your summer fashion outfits, I believe you also need an eye-catching nail art design to highlight your summer looks. What's your favorite nail art element for summer? Candy nail polish, studs, glitter powder or some cute nail stickers? 

I collected some nice designs mostly made by our blog partners, here I'm excited to share with you.

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1. 12 Colors Dried Flower ( Photos by Sharon from Polishinfatuated)

I want to show you the first fabulous design which I really love personally! This dried flower set comes with 12 different kinds of flowers in various colors and you can make a sort of mix and match. Check it out HERE

 2. Glitters Powder ( Photos by Sammy from Nailasaurus)
Sammy tested some new arrival glitters powder from BPS this time. Her designs always simple but have her own special style. It seems that winning entry of our blog contest also used some glitters. You can find glitters in many patterns HERE.

3. Stamping! Stamping! 

                            Photos by Lesile from Polishartaddiction
                           Lotus Pattern Nail Art Stamp Template-m66

Photos by Katy from Nailedit

 Photos by Erin from Neverenoughnails

5.  Striping tape lines
  Photos by Amanda from Maniadeesmalte

Above are the designs I want to share with you this time, could you tell me which one you like best? If you want to see some designs using special elements you like or want to know something about our items, please feel free to leave a comment. See you next time.

May 25, 2012

Blog Contest Winner!

The vote for our very first nail art contest has ended today. It's highly appreciated for each valuable vote. Every entry and voter in this contest brought us grateful support!

Excited moment is coming up! Here I will announce the final winner generated from the 5 days vote.


No. 42 Valquíria      52 Vote-getting

It seems the there are so many girls like the nail art design from amonailartValquíria made the dotting design using some round studs or glitter stickers?  

Just as I promised, we also prepared a prize ( BPS free coupon worth $15) for the voters in this contest. The young lady from Pink N Purple who wrote the 38th comment in our last post is the final winner. You can find the screenshot below.

Plus, as this is the first time for us to host a contest, there must be some shortages and mistakes, hope you can understand and we will make better contests in the futures. We should admit that contest is absolutely a great way for our interaction. In that case, I promise that from now on we will host a blog contest each month. Please pay close attention to our blog and everyone has opportunity to get super prize for the winners.

Nice weekend!

May 19, 2012

Vote for blog contest!

Hello everyone!Hope you guys all have a nice weekend.  : D

Last week I promised that we will propose a fair vote to choose the final winner in our very first blog contest. I should apologize for hosting this vote so late as I'm very busy because of some promotion activities. Hope our lovely readers can understand and thanks for your great entries again.

I have collected all designs you submitted in last week. You can find them below.

Vote Rules:
1. Date: May, 19 - May 24.

2. We welcome every visitor to take part in this vote. Please just choose one design  you like best and leave a comment with the designer's number to vote.

3. We also offer a gift package for this vote. Each person who votes will have a opportunity to get a $15 free coupon. The lucky voter will be randomly picked out. Just hurry up and vote for these amazing designs!

No.1 Fictitious Fashion                                                                        


No.2   Patri 

No.3. puja malhotra 

No.4  Gnarly Gnails

No.5 BeautyGnome

No.6 Shawna

No.7 Lovely B.

No.8  Jill Tastic

No.9  DianeRubendall

No.10 Radi D.

No.11 Dimpal

No.12 thaydizzle


No.13 créa-diddlindsey

No.15 Cupcake

No.16 pinkangell3

No.17 MelSimLi

No.20 Shuborno1

No.22 AnGeLLyKa

No. 25 Spicey'z Nails

No. 26 Unknown

No. 27  g3pinkii

 N0. 29 Carol Morais @dudabykrolzinha

N0. 30 Renata

No 31. Anastacia

NO. 32 reannon81

No 33.Yasinisi

No. 34 Farfie

No. 35 Kendeer

No. 36 Shawna

No. 37 Pamela Debiasio

No. 40 Julie Mason

No. 41 Ana Cris Electric Eel
No. 42 Valquíria


No. 43 Ana Paula

No 44 litla stúlkan

No. 46 Miss L

No. 47 superwowstyle

No.49  GabyPrettyRM 


No. 50 WillNeverDie

No.51 Monice 

No.52 Alinekb
No 53 Passion Nail Anne

 No. 54 litla stúlkan

No. 55 Nelly