Jul 31, 2013

Good news here !!!

Good news !!! Our Daily goods , Cute Stationery , Nail art decoration and the Popular polish are all in discount now ! 
Price low to $0.99 !!! 

Time : 7.31~8.07 .

Click here find them :

Discount coupons cannot be used for the discounted items, if you buy other items, you can use the 10% off code GPL91 .

Jul 28, 2013

Cute Sationery For Girls $0.99 now !!!

Cute Sationery For Girls $0.99 now !!! 
Find them here :

Come on !!!
More Cute Sationery here for you ~

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Jul 27, 2013

Born Pretty Nail Art Stickers Which I Like Best !

Today , i will share some nail art stickers which i like in our store . Actually , i am not very good at make nail art design , but i have scan many great nail art designs every day . 
 So ,  i think i can help you to choose some nail art products which are good at make designs . Also , i means that i have saw the nice designs which use those products before . 
I like them .Do you want to have a try ?

If you want to purchase them , you can use the coupon code GPL91  to get 10% discount  in  Born Pretty Store !

Those are our  3 kinds Punk Rock Style Metal Bullet Studs Rivets Spikes  :

Do you like those nail art chain ? 

10cm Candy Color Rhinestone Chain


100cm Punk Style Colorful Metal Chain Line



Shining Colorful Crystal Rhinestones Chain Line


100cm Charm Gold Beads Line Chain


100cm Punk Style Metal Chain Line


Those are the 20 kinds colorful nail art Rhinestones box !
Click the product link , then you will have a clear scan for them . 
One box for $3.4 !
You can find them here :

Those are the studs which are our new , but i like them very much , only only for the colors but also for the nice shapes .


Gold  &  Sliver  Heart Shapes Studs 


Gold & Sliver Hexagon Studs





Gold & Silver Rhombus Studs 



Gold & Sliver & Red & Black Star Studs 


Gold & Sliver Marquise Studs


Those 3 nail art products are my best favorite ! I like those colorful studs !!!
In the first , we only have this   2mm Neon Round Studs  ( $3.59 ) and became very popular soon . So , we bring the  Candy Fluorescent Colors Square Studs ( $3.59 )  and the  3D  Shiny Colorful Heart Nail Stickers ($2.02 )

Do you like those Bling Crystal Nail Art Stickers ? There have Bowknot, Cat , Crown, Heart , Crown , Fish , Snowflake, Skull, Cross, Mask, Lip, Key, Fox ,Lollipop , Bear ,  Diamond ,  Sun.......

I think those personalized nail art stickers are very nice . Is there have some you like ? Click the product name , you can find them .

3D Punk Rock Skull Nail Stickers 


3D Cute Sliver Mustache NailSticker 


3D Triangle Nail Sticker


3D Quality Punk Metal Round Shape Nail Art Decorations 4mm  


3D Sky Blue Glitter Flower Shape Nail Stickers  


DIY Nail Art Stencil Cute Heart Star Skull Butterfly Pattern  


3D Cute Black Mustache Nail Sticker 


3D White Pearl Flower Nail  Sticker


3D Crystal Candy Color Round Opal Nail Sticker


3D Gold LOVE Pattern Decal Slice


Candy Fluorescent Color Heart 3D Nail Sticker  


Shiny Clear Crystal Rhinestones Nail Stickers Square Heart Drop Elliptic Nail Decoration 


Jul 24, 2013

Winners for Born Pretty Holographic Nail Polish Contest !

Hi beauties !
Have a long time to hold this Born Pretty Holographic Nail Polish Contest , there have 43  enthusiastic competitors participated in this contest . And have about a week to vote for the best competitors , we choose out 3 greatest designers in this  Born Pretty Holographic Nail Polish Contest   !!!

First Prize : A set of  Born Pretty Holo Polish

 No.35   B.

Second Prize : 6 bottles of   Nail Polish Candy Color Glitter Sparkle Yogurt Series Varnish. You can choose some colors as you like .

No.1   Olaa

Entry : 


Third  Prize :  6 bottles of   Candy Colors Fluorescent Neon Luminous Nail Art Polish  . You can choose some colors as you like .

No.40   Zu



Those  have  10  designers  use  Born Pretty Holographic Nail Polish participated  this contest . They will have a  mysterious  gift  too ! 
They are : 


Ok , the 3 lucky voters are here :

 They are : 

There have 16 people can have prize !
Please contact me soon , my email box .

 Please pay  attention to our blog , we have giveaway or contest every month !