Jul 27, 2017

Born Pretty Gorgeous Five New Stamp Templates for Nail Art

Hi, dear. Happy Thursday! Hope everything is going well with you guys. Now, it is time to share you our Born Pretty new products. If you are our website sincere fans, you should know that we have so many beautiful and amazing new stamp templates for you. Next, I am going to share you some of them. Hope you will like them.

Cool square nail art stamping template, do you like this French nail design style? You can see the effect picture from the above nails. If you have fallen in love with this template image, you can search 40237 from to get more details.

Look at this one, different leaf images has been displayed in this template. Which kind of leaf do you want to try? The image is suitable for each occasion and you can also add different nail polish colors to it to design your nails. Click here to add it into your cart now.

Do you love icecream? If yes, this summer icecream stamp template is a big surprise for you. You can see that many lovely icecream images have been shown in this template. The effect will be better if you add the pink or other lovely and warm color. Buy it asap~

Geometry square stamp template with flower images on it, how do you think of this special design? You can try your own nail design with it and I would be appreciated if you are willing to share us the tutorial post.

Wow, all flowers! Nice stamp template has been designed by our Born Pretty designer. Thank you so much for them. If you are a totally flower lovers, you should not miss this amazing art stamp. Search item code 40240 from our website, you will get more surprises.

Now, it is done. It is really pity that I just can share some of them for you. If you want to see more, please visit here to see more stamp templates. Trust me, you will find one you love.

If you have any design idea about the stamp template, please share it with us. Thank you in advance. See you next time. 

Jul 24, 2017

A Collection of Gorgeous BORN PRETTY Customer Nail Art Design Reviews

Hi dear. Happy Monday. How is your weekend?

It is time to share you our Born Pretty customer reviews, do you expect that? What kind of nail design do you enjoy more? How about stamping nails, polish nails or other sticker nails? Now, follow me to check the nail art design reviews from our Born pretty.

How beautiful and romantic nail design it is! Do you also like it? Purple fairly flower design is really creative nail art. Simple steps to finish and get the fairly flower here then start your design~

Globe scenic spot travel stamping template nails look so cool. Our Born Pretty stamping plates are always hot among nail artist and there are also so many great reviews from customer. You can check this customer Instagram to enjoy more.

3D wave line sticker, did you try this type before? If not, you can make a plan and try to design your own amazing nail images. Anyway, I love the simple and cool nail stickers~ Thanks for our customer sharing!

Compass voyage stamping template, you can search item code 40082 from The nail designs are OK for each season, do you want to try?

Look, it is also the same product with last review. Which color do you prefer? Share me your thoughts freely:)

As usually, sharing you our newest and popular nail tool is necessary. Look at this one, do you know what it is? If yes, it is cuticle remover pen. You can use it to make your nails more beautiful, then start your nails paint and the effect will be better. Check here to get more details. Have a nice shopping!

Finally, the coupon code GPL91 to get 10% off discount is still valid for the original price products.

See you next time!

Jul 19, 2017

Born Pretty New Website Revision-New Board Clearance under $0.99

Hello dear, how are you? Attention, now I am going to share you a big news that our Born Pretty store has been updated. You can check to see the new pages and new boards. Are you interested in that?

There are an attractive board that all the products are under$0.99, sounds fantastic, right? But the time is limited, so just seize this chance to find what you love and get them as soon as possible. Now, I will share you five of them which are popular.

The first one I show you is the nail glitter powder and there are two kinds of type including matte effect and mirror effect. Which one do you like best? Now, it just needs $0.99, unbelievable price, so just click here and get them now.

You can see here this nail tip art display, do you need it? If you are professional nail artist, then this product is useful for you to design your own nails. You can get it with $0.79 now. Necessary nail tools for you, don’t miss it. Search item code 6777 from and see more details.

So many different fruits and vegetables images are displayed in this nail art stickers. See here now, fresh deigns with simple usage, do you want to have a nice try? Here you can get this $0.3 stickers. 

Mixed colored sugar nail art glitter power, looks sweet, yes? Different beautiful colors can be selected according to your choice. Less time is left and get them now with $0.79. Don’t hesitate, because they will sold out soon. 

Another necessary nail art tool, nail file polishing sanding buffing, it can help us have more natural and beautiful nails. It is better if you polish your nails with them before you start your nail designs. Hope you like it.

Now, there are five products have been shown, which one are you planning to buy now? At the same time, your suggestions about our Born Pretty revision are welcomed!
See more cheap and great products here. Have a nice shopping. See you next time! 

Jul 17, 2017

Born Pretty Hot Seller Nail Art Supplies

Hi, friends. Happy Monday. How is your weekend? Do you have any creative nail art designs recently? If yes, why don’t you share them with us?

Now, I am going to share you our Born Pretty nail art supplies hot sellers, and it is really a pity if you miss this post. Trust me, the nail products are helpful for your nail designs. Our nail accessories will never let you down. Next, let’s see them together!

Do you know what it is? Yes, it is popular unicorn neon powder. You can check the details from here and you will see that it is made by pink, green and purple colors. So fancy, right? The usage steps have been shown in our website and you also can find many videos through YouTube.

You should pay more attention on this stamping template if you are spending summer. The fruit, cocount tree and lovely animal images looks energetic and active. Do you want to have a try? Click here to buy it now and start your wonderful nail paint.

Nail art brushes must be included in your nail supplies box if you are a professional nail artist. It is mainly used for drawing lines, flowers, patterns and so on. You cannot be without it if you are planning to design any cool line nails. It is just $0.99, come here to get it. 

Colorful nail stickers with birds,flowers and any other funny images, like them? Stickers are always simple to use, and you just need to peel off a image design then put it on your design. Please notice that DON’T touch the glue of the nail stickers. Cheap and beautiful one, wanna try?

The last one is a set of electric drilling machine nail art tool. It will help us use less time for your nail designs and also more convenient to repair your nails. Fantastic nail supply is on sale now, click here and get one.

Now, it is done. Welcome to share us your thoughts about our hot sellers products. Contact me if you want to review our these great nail items. Finally, don’t forget to use code GPL91 to get 10% off discount if you are planning to buy some of them.

See you next time:)

Jul 13, 2017

BornPretty Fantastic New Arrival Nail Supplies You Need

Hello, dear friends. How are you? I am sorry that it has been a long time to share you our BornPrtty new arrivals. But trust me, today’s post with different nail supplies will not let you down. Hope you will find what you need below. 

Stamping plates nail designs are always popular among nail lovers. This item code 40539 is our BornPretty latest stamping plate and we can see that Rectangle and round shapes are included. There are many images, so you can select some of them you love to try. Of course, it is better if you want to try each one.

Lovely nail water stickers, do you like this fresh style? Ice cream, plants, animals, fruits and juice are all included, are you confused now? Colorful nail water stickers are also suitable for kids and the rainbow stickers can enrich our lives. You can get the detailed using steps from here

You cannot miss the multi-size flat rhinestones for nail art decoration if you are planning to any creative nail design. These 3D nail decoration rhinestones can not only used for nail art but also for home decor, cell phone’s case, jewelry craft and so on. Great choice for you to buy if you are good crafter in many aspects and search item code 40602 to get it now!

As usually, a kind of nail tool will be introduced in each blog. This electric nail tool is easy to operate and it will crate less dust and little friction. It is a professional nail tool for you to protect your beautiful nails. Click here to buy it!

Now it is done. Which one do you like best? You can share me your thoughts about these products with a comment. Thank you!

Still don't forget to use code GPL91 to get 10% off discount! See you~

Jul 10, 2017

BornPretty Creative Nail Design Reviews Sharing

Hi, dears. Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Now, it is time to share you our BornPretty nail product reviews. Hope you will like them.

Before showing the nail design products, I will share you an amazing bornprett new product. The liquid tape and the tweezer set must be useful if you often use different nail polish. The product is on sale now, you can see more descrption from this page. Just seize this good opportunity!

Look at the one, which word do you think is suitable to describe the nails? How about mysterious? You can also plan to try the nail designs if you like this style. Click here and you will get more details about holo glitter nail polish. Hope it helps. 

The second nail design looks more fashionable and there are four types to select according to your choice. Chameleon polish is always popular among nail designer, and do you own one? If yes, welcome to share us your chameleon polish nail designs. 

It will provide you much benefit if you are crazy about stamping nails. This one will make girls look younger and more energetic, do you agree me? If you need this one, bornpretty can help you, and see more here.

Metallic silver nail polish, our bornpretty hot seller. Different colors can be chosen according to your clothes’ color. But you have to notice that the effect will be better if you polish your nails before using.

Then don't forget to use code GPL91 to get 10% off discount! See you next time. 

Jul 7, 2017

Professional BornPretty Nail Products Reviews

Hi, dears. It is excited to see you again. Hope everything is going well with you.

Today, I am going to share you some bornpretty products reviews for you from our customer. Expecting it? If yes, just follow me to see the details below.

Simple nail design, right? And how do you think of the simple but beautiful nail design? This fresh style is suitable for summer and match it with your dress. Do you want to have a try? See here and get the chameleon nail power for your own nail art. 

Green nails may bring us much relaxed feelings when you work or study for long time. Nail art is not only a kind of creative design, but also can enrich our life. Different situations with different nail designs really sounds cool. You can see more stamping templates from bornprettystore. 

You might like this kind of special nails if you are a cool and characteristic girl. And you can use different shape according to your choice. Are you planning to make one?

They are also stamping plates works. Flower nails is suitable for each girls and beautiful things can always bring you good luck. It is OK if you are a green hand because you can see the usage from our website. 

Now, let’s look at this nail brush. You will be surprised if you know it can be used in many nail designs aspects like dust remover, power brush and so on. It cannot be lacked if you are a professional nail designer because it can provide you much convenience.

Now, it is done. Thanks for our customers’ sharing the beautiful pictures.

Hope these reviews are helpful for you and can provide you some guidance. Share me your thoughts if you have any other questions and your reviews are also warmly welcomed for bornprettystore.

And Don't forget to use code GPL91 to get 10% off discount! See you~

Jul 4, 2017

BornPretty Customer Show You Should Never Miss

Hi, everyone. How are you? Our blog will have some more attractive content, are you expecting that? If yes, follow me to see more details now.

I am going to share you a collection of gorgeous nail designs review from our bornpretty customer Anna Budanova in Russia. Enjoy yourselves!

Look at the unique and bling nail design made with laser sequin, do you like it? Then why don’t you try it by yourself? It is easy to finish after you get the item here

You must know that stamping plate is very popular if you are a nail design lover. See this special one, can you also make it? See more stamping nails here and start your nail art now. 

Another cool stamping nail design here, compared with last one, which do you prefer? Actually, the two nail designs can bring you different mood, so it should be cool to change the nail according to your feelings.

You should never be lack of holo polish if are busy and have no much time on nail design. You just need a kind of fashionable color, then it is OK to attend any occasion as this picture shows.

The last one picture I share you is a set of nail tools. You should own different kinds of nail tools if you are a professional nail designer. You know that these tools can help us a lot during the nails making to reach a better effect.

Now, it is done. Hope this post is helpful for you. And just feel free to share me your thoughts with leaving a comment. It is welcomed that if you are willing to share us your reviews with our nail products.

See you next time!