Apr 25, 2016

Holo Shattered Glass Paper Giveaway Winners!

 Hi Lovelies,

Thanks a lot for your nice comments.^^

Very glad to know you love the new holographic shattered glass paper in our store.

We have picked the lucky winners randomly.

Congratulations to the following 20 winners:

Maria S

 Mdollas Nails

specialle nails


 Tanja Matejic

 Татьяна Синиченкова

 ada ha

 Lada Lamperouge



 Paulina Sadkowska

 Romina Campos

 Qing Pineda

 Manna (mannakörmök)

 Sara R

 Ninthea VintageRose

 Cheshta Uppal

 El Mundo del Nail Art

Angelique Adams

 Raggio di Luna

We will contact the above 20 winners later. And ship the prize holographic shattered glass paper ASAP. Hope you will enjoy this ! 
If you don't win the prize this time, don't get discouraged. We will have more nice giveaways in the future. Anyone of you could be the winners next time.

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Apr 21, 2016

New Holographic Shattered Glass Paper Giveaway!

Hello Sweeties,
Hope you're doing well !Sorry for the long absence. But I'm back now.

Today, I will show something nice for you.

Do you like shattered glass manicure? Have you tried to do a manicure with the shattered glass paper.There are some new holographic shattered glass papers are online in our store. Let's see them in details:

Holographic Nail Foils (10 Patterns Available):

Aurora Shattered Glass Paper (18 Colors Available):

Holographic Shattered Glass Paper (Pattern 1/2/3):

Holographic Shattered Glass Paper (Pattern 59/60/61):

 Holographic Shattered Glass Paper (Pattern 75/76/77): 
  Holographic Shattered Glass Paper (Pattern 68/69/70): 
  Holographic Shattered Glass Paper (Pattern 25/26/27): 

Do you like these new ones? Would you like get them for free? Then just leave a comment here to join the giveaway.

Details & Rules:

1. Leave a comment here. (Do you like them or not? Which one do you like best?)

2. Also leave your email here. Then we can contact you more easily.

3. Expired: 24th April,2016(Included 24th, April)

20 Lucky Participants will be picked up randomly.  Each winner choose one pattern shattered glass paper you like from all above as prize.

The winners will be announced on 25th April,2016

If you like them, you can also order them here !!! 

Good luck! ^^ 

Use code  GPL91 at checkout can get 10% Off discount !