Oct 30, 2016

ALL kinds of Halloween Theme Nail!

Hi Pretties
Halloween is right near us, of course we can not forget our nails, these days we received lots of reviews of Halloween nails, and I can't wait to share with you guys.
IF you are interested in these nail works, just keep reading!

Bloody Zombie Nails:
The most terrifying and shocking one, it's so real!!
The blogger did a good job and she used our White Peel Off Liquid Tape to paint and prevent nails.

Full post of this blog HERE

The following pictures are from instagram.

For the first haunted house mani, the blogger used our Nail Wraps
It is probably the easiest way to achieve Halloween nails this year!!

Link to IG HERE

The following two used our most classical Halloween Stamping Plate

 Link to IG HERE

 Link to IG HERE

For this creepy eyeball design, the blogger used our Skull eye theme Stamping Plate

Link to IG HERE

This HOLO ghost mani is very creative, I like it. ^^
The blogger used our HOLO glitter powder

Link to IG HERE

This is a Vampire Theme Nails, the color combo is really special.

Link to IG HERE

The last one is Pumpkin Nails!
The blogger used our Pumpkin Color Stamping Polish

Link to IG HERE

Okay, we are done, that's all for today's blog post.
Hope you all can enjoy reading my blogs and loving these gorgeous form bloggers!
I hope my blog can bring you some inspiration when you are creating your own Halloween nails.
Happy Halloween you guys!! Trick or treat?? ; P

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See you next time, byebye~

Oct 25, 2016

NEW Christmas Theme Stamping Plates!!

Hello Dears
We are already in the end of October, Christmas will come only after one month. In order to let you guys receive Christmas plates before Christmas, we have released our Christmas special edition stamping plates!^^
Today I'm gonna introduce them to you. 
So, Let's start:

There are 5 stamping plates all together, 3 rectangle ones and 2 round ones.

Rectangle Christmas Stamping Plate Harunouta L031

I love this one very much, it combines Christmas elements and other popular stamping elements( lace, flower, mandala) so well!
I think no one would regret buying it.

This one use gifts as its main elements, and other cute stuffs, which makes this stamping plate a very unique one!
I also highly recommend it.

Have you ever wore a sweater which is made by grandma?
Our designer get inspiration from sweaters in the winter. It's the warmest memory in one's life.
Come on and use sweater stamping patterns to decorate your nails!^^

It'a cute traditional Christmas theme stamping plates, but it's still a lovely one, isn't it?


This one has very beautiful winter patterns, there is a heart in the middle of the plate. Every girl would love this, yes, including me : )

If you would love to buy, just click the name and there is a link, you can buy it on our website!
Want to see more Christmas nail stuffs? Click HERE to check them! 

Today's blog post is a little bit short but hope you can still enjoy it! 

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Bye and see you next time!

Oct 20, 2016

Perfect Elegant Nail Designs for Autumn

Hello Pretties,
Hope you are doing well recently, today I want to share with you some of my favorite nail designs, I like simple and elegant style very much. And I think it's perfect for autumn, do you think so?
And if you are interested in today's topic, then just keep reading! ^^

1 Grey and Gold Maple leaf Nails.

Once nails for autumn was mentioned, maple leaves must be the most representative one, no one can resist it.

This design is based one the grey color, there is only one gold maple stamping leaf on nails. I like the color combination very much, very "autumn"

The blogger used BP-19 Stamping Plate

Full post of this blog click HERE

2 Light Blue Feather Nails

Light Blue is a elegant color,and so is feather pattern.
Do you like it?
Full post of this blog click HERE

3 Warm Red Floral Nails

Besides cool tone colors, warm red are also perfect for autumn, as the weather is becoming cold gradually,  red colors can bring you some warmness.
The flower pattern is unique.
The blogger used Stamping Plate BP-54
The full post of this blog click HERE

4 Warm Nude Lace Nails

Nude color always represents elegance.
And I have to admit that nude colors work great with lace patterns.
I would like to call warm nude colors "Milktea"colors, because they are very similar haha
The blogger used Stamping Plate BPL008
The full post of this blog click HERE

So much for today. Do you like this manicures?
If so, just feel free to leave a comment here.Hope you all enjoy my post!!

See you next time!

Oct 17, 2016

BPS Make Up Products Reviews—— Affordable and Effective

Hello Sweeties! 
am so happy here to write products reviews again, but today the theme is a little bit different form usual,we are talking about make up stuffs.
Every girl wants to be beautiful, so I think lots of you are also into make up products very much, so no more unnecessary words, let's begin today's topic.

The first product is our BPS Matte Velvet Lip Stick

There are 10 shades all together, the blogger picked out 7 colors, they are 02 05 06 07 08 09 and 10.

Here is the HD photo of how the color and the quality are.

And lets's see how they look on lips!

02:a very lovey light pink

05: a beautiful orange red, these kind of colors are my favorite, to be honest ^^

06: a smoked rose color and a little bit purple shade, very sexy!

07: a beautiful rose color that every girl must have one lipstick in this shade.

08: it's very similar to the shade 07, but a little bit more pinky.

09: a gorgeous plum color, perfect for autumn and winter!

and about shade 10, although the blogger didn't try it on lips, but from the forth picture, we can come to the conclusion: it's also a good color for winter with warmer tone.
About the formula,I think it's semi-matte, it's not too matte which can dry your lips.

They are hot-sale products in our lip products, and if you want to buy them, you can have them for only $2.99 at over 50% discount!

CLICK HERE to check these gorgeous lipsticks.

The full post of this review HERE

The second review is also a hot-sale category among our make up products——false eyelashes

They are so lovely^^
You can use it to create a natural eye make up or party make up.

Full post of this blog HERE

That's all for today's blog!
I love to share my opinions on products and also hope to hear form you. This is the first time I write about make up, do you guys like make up parts?
Welcome you to comment below all the time!

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Thanks for reading patiently.
see you next time! : )

Oct 11, 2016

BornPretty 22 NEW Rectangle Stamping Plates!

Hi Dear
It's nice to write a blog and talk to you guys again!

This time I want to bring you a good news: 22 Rectangle Stamping Plates which are full of ideas came out recently!

Would you love to enjoy them with me? ^^ 
Then just keep reading!

Festival Special Edition Stamping Plates

There are 2 festival special edition stamping plates, one for Halloween at the end of this month and another one for Christmas at the end of this year.

Halloween Plates BPX-L007 
It uses a lot of traditional Halloween elements: Ghosts, Pumpkins, Spiders and webs.
But the the design of images is very vivid and cute. 
I think It's absolutely a good stamping plate for Halloween.
If you love them, you'd better buy them right now, or they may be late for this year's Halloween.

Get your nails ready for this festival!

1 Christmas Plate BPX-L008 

It is really a stunning plate! 
It's a practical one not only for Christmas but also for everyday use. It has Santa Clause, Christmas socks, bells and gifts, these are for Christmas. There are also stars, vines patterns and some Aztec patterns.
It's also perfect for collection.
All in all, you won't regret buying this one : )


Next, there are three best-sellers among these 22 new plates:

Do you remember last time, I asked you what patterns would you prefer to see on stamping plates.Lots of people wanted geometry design rectangle plates, and now here it is.
And yes, it's the best seller since it comes out.
Everyone loves the chic geometry design! If you want follow this trend, you must try this one! I highly recommended, buy it before it is out of stock : )

Very magnificent and complicated Floral design, it's classical and forever. I love it.

5 Ethnic Design Stamping Plate BP-L048

Ethnic design stuffs are always popular, our selling amount can prove this. The man's face which is composed of ethic patterns is so unique. Why not have a try?

The last one is my favorite one among the 22 plates:

It's so sweet! Seeing this, I can stay happy all day!
Cute letters and hearts and roses patterns, I think every girl would love it.
What I write above is only a brief introduction to 6 stamping plates. They are only 1/4 of our new arrivals.
For all the stamping plates, click HERE to check them, maybe you could find your favorite one.

These are only my opinions and ideas, your may be different from mine, but you can share with me! 
So, if you have any ideas or suggestions or whatever you want to express, you are welcomed to comment below!

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Thanks for reading and see you next time! : )