Nov 20, 2016

BornPretty Store Black Friday Mega Deals and 0.01 Seckill!

Hello dears,
25th,Nov. is the Black Friday, we prepare lots of great deals for you, the prices must be the lowest ever! So don't miss it!! 
Today I will give you a brief introduction of this Black Friday Sale. If you are interested in it, just keep reading!

First, is Coupon, we offer 2 kinds of coupon, you could pay $3.99 to get a $12 coupon,pay $9.99 to get a $30 coupon!

Before 25th, Nov. You could buy coupon, and on 25th that day, you can not purchase it.
Click HERE to get your coupon! 

Second is our Top Products sale, we select some most popular products, price low to $0.79!

The third is our stamping plates sale party! Any 12 round or square ones for $13.99, any 8 rectangle ones for only $18.99! We have lots of beautiful new arrival plates for purchasing
It's a great chance to take them home!

And the exciting Black Friday seckill is also waiting for you!

We have the first round at 9:00am 25th.Nov and second round at 9:00pm 25th Nov.
Each round we have six products.
The details are as followed, the seckill count page will release later, please pay attention to our blog and Instagram to get it.

Apart form these activities, we also have some amazing sales, for an example: ALL polishes 50%off, all water decals 50%off and so on.....

ALL these details will be sent through our newsletter, have you subscribed our newsletter, a lots of discounts and sales!
that's all for today's blog and hope you enjoy it : )

See you next time, bye!

Nov 17, 2016

BornPretty NEW 春の歌Stamping Plates Giveaway Winner!!

Hello lovelies:
Beautiful Weekend is coming, I want to bring you more joy to make your day! So today I will post winners of BornPretty NEW 春の歌 Stamping Plates giveaway!

Here are our 10 lucky winners!











Congratulations to the following 10 lucky winners! ^^
We will contact with the above 10 winner later, and ship the  gifts in 3 work days, hope you will like them.

Didn't win the prize this time? Don't be discouraged.
Just keep paying  attention to our blog, we will birng you guys more good giveaway for you in the future.
You can become the lucky one next time : )
And we have many gorgeous stamping plates online these days, click HERE to find them and take them home!

And you know what? Black Friday is coming!! We have many stunning sales for you!! More info we will release on our IG: bornprettystore and BPS blog.    

And as I usually remind you: Don't forget to use code GPL91 to get 10% off discount! Bye bye ^^

Nov 13, 2016

BornPretty NEW 春の歌Stamping Plates Giveaway!!

Hi girls

Good to see you again! 
I know you all love our NEW 春の歌 Stamping Plates so much, they are so popular since they are released. Thanks for your supporting!

Before our 6th Anniversary activity ends, I have another good news for your guys: there will be a Giveaway going on! Everyone will have a chance to get 2 stamping plates for FREE.

HERE is the Rules:

(1) Share the above banner picture on at least 2 social websites such as Instagram/Blogspot/Facebook/Google+/ and so on.

(2) Leave a comments below with your links.
When you share the banner picture please please share this link too:

* Please also leave your email here.
If you're chosen as the winner, we can contact with you more easily.

*Please also leave the 2 stamping plates you want, and they must be a rectangle one and a round one.

We will choose 10 winners form participants, each winner will be sent 2 Stamping Plates: a rectangle one and a round one.
Expired: 17th October, 2016 (Included 17th October)
We will post the 10 lucky winners on 17th October.

Find me on Instagram: @bornprettyreview for more nail art reviews and pictures.

And don’t forget to use code GPL91 to get 10% Off discount!

Wish you all GOOD LUCK!!
Bye ^^

Nov 11, 2016

BORNPRETTY 春の歌 16 NEW Stamping Plates Online Now!!

Hello Dears
This time, we have more new stamping plates for your! There are 16 Stamping Plate in together, 11 rectangle ones and 5 round ones.

Today I will pick out some hot-sale ones to introduce to you. Hope you will enjoy them!

1 Ladies' Dress Room Pattern Harunouta L027

Sooo cute and unique design,all kinds of clothes attract your attention instantly. This one is good to use and also for collection!

Lots of animal and plants patterns, delicate and lovely. If you are a animal lover or a nature lover, you must have one!

It's a paradise for dessert lover and sweet-tooth ladies! So many cakes!! Looks so yummy, wanna try it? 

Russian doll pattern plates are always popular, this plate is prefect for winter,too!

5 Mermaid in the Sea Pattern Harunouta-21 

Beautiful Mermaid and sea creatures and Poseidon is also on the plate! 

As its name, this plate has fairy and soft patterns, it's easy to use it to do elegant and chic nails : )

If you want to buy them, just click their name and there will be a link leading to the BPS page : )

These 6 stamping plates are only part of them, I have a brief description on each of them. Seeing them, you may have more want to say, so welcome to comment below to say whatever you want to say!

Find more new stamping plates please click HERE, Don't forget to use our blog code GPL91 to get 10% off discount!

See you next time! Bye~

Nov 8, 2016

BornPretty 6th Anniversary SECKILL Countdown and More details!

Hello sweeties:

Finally, we are happy to tell you guys that the seckill countdown page came out!!
As I mentioned in the last blog, the Seckill will begin at9:00 a.m.and 9:00 p.m. everyday from Nov.9th to 11th.

CLICK HERE to enter seckill page directly!

These pictures showed how they look on the page:

Nov.9th 9:00 AM 

Cute Cat Ring Stock: 100

 Nov.9th 9:00 PM 

Nov.10th 9:00 AM 

 Nov.10th 9:00 PM

Nov.11th 9:00 AM

Simple Antler Ring Stock: 100
Pro Make-up Brush Stock: 150

 Nov.11th 9:00 PM 

These are the basic information of products in our seckill, as you can see, every item has its limited stock. But as long as there is a possibility that 100 people can be the winners, why you can not be one of them? Just believe in yourself and have a try!
The reason why I write this blog is to remind you don't forget to enter this seckill.
Good Luck to you all and enjoy our big sale, my pretties!
See you next time!^^

Nov 4, 2016

BPS 6th Anniversary Seckill only $0.01! Are You Ready?

BPS 6th Anniversary Seckill only $0.01! Are You Ready?

Hello sweeties:


Only $0.01 For BornPrettyStore
6th Anniversary Seckill, the first round will begin on 9th Nov.Don't miss them,just grab the ones you like.^^

The Seckill will last 3 days (9th-11th Nov).And there will be two rounds for each day!

The First Round wil begin on 9:00 a.m. for the limited stock, and the Second Round will begin on 9:00 p.m. everyday.

Then let's see the detailed amazing items for the Seckill each day :

On 9th Nov.
The first round
  The second round

On 10th Nov.
The first round
 The second round

On 11th Nov.
The first round
 The second round

Before the Seckill, there is another amazing news for all. We have the lowest price for the amazing Christmas products. More Information about Xmas, you can click
 The time for it is between 5th-8th Nov.

These 6 items above are just part of the Xmas big sale product. There are also many other amazing items, such as water decals, jewelries, Home&Garden items and so on

Hope all you enjoy the big sale!!!