Dec 26, 2016

BornPrettty Store Christmas Sale

Hello dears,
A late Merry Christmas! Hope you would not mind 😄😄
Our BornPretty Store also has some sales for Christmas!

This is a $5 (order price≥20) Enter "2016XMAS" when check out you could save $5 for your order 👌

And we also have some products of good prices for you~

New Stamping Plates low to $0.99/$1.99, have you got yours?? Hurry up!

And we also have silicone sponge for $1.99, very good price, it's one of the hottest sale products right now.

For more details, please click HERE to get more details.
Don't forget the duration is 24th-26th,Dec!If you want to get discounts, you'd better hurry up!

Hope you can have a good holiday and do not forget to visit BornPretty website!

Thanks for reading~ See you next year  lol 

Dec 21, 2016

BornPrettyStore Hanunouta Stamping Plates online and hottest silicone sponge!!!

Hello dears,
I feels like I didn't write a blog for such a long time.Fortunately,this time I bring you some good news.
Our Hanunouta Series NEW stamping plates online now and they are really hot sale!!
How about introducing some of them? Because I really wanted to share with you guys some beautiful things.

This time we have 10 new stamping plates and today I picked out 6 of them to write in my blog.

First, I want to put these two together, because they belong to one theme—skull rose. Sooo stunning, I love them very much, cool, punk and charming, kind of like gun and rose. I highly recommend these 2 to you guys!!

Rectangle one: Harunouta-L035  click to check it on BPS~
Round one:Harunouta-28  click to check it on BPS~

And then these 2 are following, they are both plants theme.

The first one is more likely to be greenery, it's a little cute plant shop, it gives me a kind of fresh feeling! Love this.

The second one all kinds of flowers, flower theme is always really hot, after the Christmas, the spring of 2017 is about to come, how about bring yourself a bunch of flowers or a some flower nails?

The first one: Harunouta-L036 click to check it on BPS~
The second one: Harunouta-L034 click to check it on BPS~

The following 2 are very girly.
Some ribbons, some bow-knots,classical lolita style!
The second one is jewelry shop theme, shinning and vintage, which girl do not like jewelry??

Valentine's day is coming, let you nails bring you some sweetness!

Round one: Harunouta-32 click to check it on BPS~
Rectangle one: Harunouta-L037 click to check it on BPS~

Annnnd, are you guys hearing about applying your foundation with the silicone sponge?? 
Lots of youtubers are talking about that,it can save the amount of using foundation and it easy to clean of course it can apply  foundation beautifully.
BornPretty now has a new silicone sponge online now! I tried it myself and I promise it's really good to use!
Click HERE to shop!

We have our new bornpretty makeup and beauty Instgram account, it's bornprettycosmetics.
We now have a silicone sponge giveaway, if you would love to try your luck, click HERE to follow and enjoy the the world of beauty! 

That's all I want to write today! 
Thanks for who can read this blog to the end. xx

See you guys next time! ^^

Dec 15, 2016

BornPretty December Recent Reviews

Hello dears,
Christmas is around the corner, you guys must have watched lots of pictures about Christmas nails, so, today I am not gonna show you Christamas nails! I picked up some other beautiful reviews for you, maybe they could give you inspirations! 

Mandara Floral Nails

The plate seems to have really complicated patterns, but you know, it turns out very well on nails.

Check This Stamping Plate click HERE  ☺

Simple Geometric Nails

This plate, this pattern, everyone likes it!!
Have you got yours?

Check this plate click HERE  ☺

Exotic Pattern Nails

Wild and beautiful~💙

Check this plate click HERE  ☺

Waving Floral Nails

I like this one very much, because it seems so soft and charming! lol 

Check this Plate click HERE  ☺

Okay, that's all for today's blog post.
If you want to buy one, don't hesitate! ^^ And we also have new 4 stamping plates! Cute panda, and Valentine's day theme! 
Clik HERE to find more new arrivals!

And don't forget to enter our Christmas Nail Art Contest, maybe you will win these big prizes!

See you next time!❤

Dec 9, 2016

2016 Christmas Nail Contest and BIG PRIZE!!

Hello Sweeties,

It's great to see you again here! I have a big good news for you, that is to celebrate the upcoming Christmas this year, we host the Xmas Nail Art Contest again in 2016!

Join the contest and share your Xmas nail design,you will have a chance to win the grand prize $100 Gift Card and more nail art stuffs form our store.

Are you planning to have a try? Then let me introduce the rules and details:

Theme: Any ideas about Christmas

Time: 12th-23rd, December,2016


1. Your entry must be newly designed by yourself in 2016.

2. Your entry should be Xmas-themed design.

3. Please upload the picture with your watermark.

4. Only one entry for every participant.

5. Open internationally.

Attention: Fake Entry or Vote Will Be Disqualified .

Prize!! ❤❤❤👇

1st Prize (3 winners)

1. $100 gift card

2. 8 bottles of BornPretty Holographic Nail Varnish

3. 12 bottles of 5ml BornPretty Color Changing UV Gel Polish

(Two winners are chosen by voters and another winner is chosen by BornPrettyStore team)

2nd Prize (3 winners)

1. $80 gift card

2. 5 bottles of BornPretty Galaxy Chameleon Nail Varnish

3. 12 bottles of 5ml BornPretty Fur Effect UV Gel Polish

(Two winners are chosen by voters and the other winners are chosen by BornPrettyStore team)

3rd Prize (5 winners)

1. $50 gift card

2. 7 bottles of BornPretty Regular Nail Varnish

3. 12 bottles of 5ml BornPretty Cat Eye UV Gel Polish

(Three winners are chosen by voters and the other two winners are chosen by BornPrettyStore team)

Award for Voters(30 winners)

1. Christmas Nail Stamping Set

2. 10pcs BornPretty Water Decals

3. 8 colors of Chameleon Chrome Pigments

Have you noticed that? Compared to last year, we add a 3rd prize this year, which means there is larger possibilities for you to win a prize!

I know most of you are nail art junkie 👀 
So, no more hesitation, enter our contest and get your hands on these big prizes!

CLICK HERE to upload your nail work!

Dec 5, 2016

BornPretty Winter NEW ARRIVALS

Hey lovelies
It has been a while since the last blog. To be honest,we are busy these days because of the anniversary sale and Black Friday sale, also we really want to thank you for your supporting all the time! 
We will ship your goods as soon as possible, please trust us. And you know, the end of a year is the super sale time, so the transportation may be slower than usual, so I hope you can understand it and thanks in advance!
Today's blog will be a passage about some new arrivals in BornPretty Store, if you like this topic then just keep reading! 👀

1 Candy Mixed Nail Art Chrome Powder

Look at these cute powders, they have cute colors and also cute price! I have seen the real ones, I swear they looks better than than what they looks like in the picture. They looks yummy because they really looks like part of biscuits that we loved when we were young, perfect for winter nail art! 💓

The following pictures are some review pictures, they are nice, right?

If you want to buy them, click HERE to get into our website and take them home for ONLY $1.29!😍

2 Chameleon Starry Nail Polish

There were glitters in the chameleon polish which makes it more shiny than usual chameleon, it's winter and it's time to make your hands bling up!💅💝
There are 5 colors all together, and I only show you 2 colors, click HERE to find more colors! They are $7.94/bottle for 50% discount now, even cheaper than our original ones.

3 Gold/Silver Metal Clear Jelly Stampers
Stampers are essential to every stamping nails lovers, gold/silver simple color design and metal handle, you are gonna love it ;)
Click HERE to buy them and look for more BornPretty stampers!

Okay, that's all for today's post.
DO you have something you love? You are welcomed to leave a comment below to let me know.

And as I usually remind you: Don't forget to use code GPL91 to get 10% offdiscount! Bye bye ^^