Aug 31, 2017

The Presence of UV Gel Nails in Your Life, Enjoy Yourselves ♥♥♥♥

Hello, our Born Pretty lovelies, happy Friday! The weekend is coming, are you well prepared for your weekend? Then are you ready for your weekend art nails? If not, this post may bring you any inspiration, hope you will love our customers’ uv gel nails ◍•ᴗ•◍

Firstly, I have to share you a collection of so beautiful uv gel nails with our born pretty store product 39796. Now let’s enjoy them together~

These are designed by the same artist and you could see more from her IG account. Uv gel nails can be designed very easily and you just need to use the base gel and the gel polish, then add the top gel. Wanna try?

Above two nails are made by our product cat eye gel polish and the item code is 37324. Look at them, delicate and exquisite design, if you like them and shop it soon~

Two pure gel polish nail art, really art nails!! I love the below one, looks mysterious and cool! I have to try it soon. Come and join with me. More surprise here.

These two manicure gel nail polish, how do you think of them? It is easy to finish with wholesale nail polish. Come and visit our and share us your favorite nail art products. Search 39776 to see more about the colorful gel nail polish.

The last two uv gel nails are different with below ones, which are chameleon sequin gel polish. It is cheap with high quality, wanna try them?

Now, is it done! And hope you like these gorgeous uv gel nails. Then you could get them to try!!! You also could see more wholesale nail polish from our website. Share us your nail art designs them.

Thank you for your support, our Born Pretty lovely fans. Please feel free to share us your thoughts through comments. See you next time. Have a nice weekend! Heart~ ♥♥♥♥

Aug 28, 2017

Cool 3D nails for Our Born Pretty Unique Fans ♥♥♥♥

Hello, our Born Pretty lovelies, how are you? (◍•ᴗ•◍)

It is very exciting to be able to see you again. Hope everything is treating you well~~ Today, I am going to share you a collection of cool 3D nails:) You would love them if you always like characteristic designs. Now, let’s start to enjoy them.

The first one is up, we could see that special nail designs with wholesale nail polish has been shown to you~ Do you like this style?

The second one is look more elegant and brighter than the first one, agree me? 3d nails can bring you more imagination, so have a nice try~

Dark blue 3D nails with gold nail decoration, looks special.You could get more surprises here~

Sweet 3d nails are here, and bowknot decoration makes the nails look cuter. Sweet nails are great to match with lovely dress :)

Black nail polish with gold 3D decorations, which is suitable for next Halloween, do you also think so? Learn how to make beautiful 3D nails from our website. More details to check now about the 3D gold circle diamond~

Here is a noble one nail art, wanna try? You could attend a formal board meeting with the gorgeous 3D nails

The last one is ocean style, suitable for you guys to spend a holiday, especially at the seaside~

Now, all done! Thanks for our Born Pretty lovely customers sharing~Which one do you want to try more? Actually, it is easier than you thought if you are willing to give it a try. Get suitable wholesale nail polish, then add the 3d decoration on your nails. You will find it is simple to finish~

Have a nice try! See you and welcome to share your thoughts with us freely ♥♥♥♥♥

Aug 23, 2017

The Science Behind A Color Changing Nail Polish

  Are you looking to try something new on your nails? Well, with the introduction of a color changing nail polish in the market, there is light at the end of the tunnel for a woman who loves to look attractive. You can now luxuriate in the beauty of having glitter nails. Having beautiful nails is one of the simple ways of upgrading your class as well-embellished nails will make you stand out from the rest.

  A color changing nail polish bears a unique characteristic of changing color whenever it is subjected to temperature change. Typically, the nails form the extremities of the human body and tend to change in temperature at a faster rate than the other body parts. This makes the nails a perfect choice for the application of a color changing nail polish.

  Are you trying to figure out what exactly is the magic behind a color changing nail polish? Well, you are not alone. A majority of women using this magical type of nail embellishment are not aware of how it works. As long as they have earned the elegance and beauty they are looking for, they are fully satisfied and not ready to make any inquiries or conduct research to ascertain the science behind what they adore. The truth is that a color changing nail polish is based on a reality of a well-thought art to come up with a prepossessing outcome that improves the appearance of the nails.

  A color changing nail polish is scientifically considered as thermochromic. This means that it has the ability to change its color with the changing temperature. It comprises of the leuco dyes, which are made of microcapsules that are very tiny. These microcapsules contain three essential chemicals; a dye, a solvent and a weak acid. These chemicals play different significant roles. The dye and the weak acid are responsible for reversible reactions and attach themselves to the H+ ion. The solvent has a melting point that is near the temperature where a change in color should occur.

  Since there is a shortage of the H+ ions, both the weak acid and the dye are forced to compete for the H+ ion available. The solvent acts as the mediator by controlling the situation in that when it is cold, the H+ is prompted to attach itself to the weak acid (which is colored) while when it becomes warm, the H+ is prompted to attach itself to the dye (which is colorless). The original color of a color changing nail polish is colorless because of the dye color, and this doesn’t change during high temperatures. However, during low temperatures, the leuco dye blends with the original color thereby resulting in a color change that seems like magic to most people.

  The principle behind the changing of color for a color changing nail polish is fully dependent on a chemical reaction caused by temperature variation of the surrounding. Some of the instances that will prompt a color changing nail polish to change color include holding an ice cold drink, playing with snow, cooking and baking, running hands under cold or warm water, holding a hot cup of tea and drying hands under a dryer among others. For the best glitter nails results, consider applying two coats to your nails and subsequently layering with a top coat to bring a glossy appearance and to enhance durability.

Aug 22, 2017

Why holographic nail polish is the best option for you

Looking attractive is not all about putting on that finest outfit and applying a glittering makeup as well as maintaining a beautiful and healthy hair. Nails constitute a special part of a woman’s beauty as they create a striking statement of elegance. The latest art nails trend involves the use of a holographic nail polish which is now considered the best method of improving the appearance of the nails.

A holographic nail polish is a type of nail polish that is highly pigmented to give a glittering look. It is a combination of various colors that makes it unique from other types of nail polishes. This nail polish works by refracting light. When hit by light, a holographic nail polish causes a beam of light to bounce back and bend thereby fracturing light into different color wavelengths, which make up the white light.

A variety of holographic nail polish exists with the major types including the scattered hologram, the linear hologram and the hologram glitter. The scattered hologram polishes are usually smaller and smoother like the non-glitter lacquers. They don’t have huge, identifiable shapes which one can easily point out as holographic parts. The linear hologram features smooth lacquers with the holographics fitting in together like the puzzle pieces that form a completely covered holographic surface. The hologram glitter features tiny specs of a holographic material that is suspended in a colored or clear nail polish base. Typically, these polishes produce large and irregular multi-colored spangles.

A holo nail polish is available in different colors including Rosewater, Run! It’s the coppers, Ocean rush, Halo Graphic, Hologram diamond and Turning Pointe among others. This gives the nail polish users the freedom to choose their most preferred colors. There are tons of benefits you are likely to relish when using a holo nail polish. For instance, you will look more appealing and professional in a case where well-designed art nails are of importance at your place of work. Most clients admire being served by presentable ladies. The holographic nail polish gives you that outstanding look you have always wished to have.

Some women have admitted having healthy nails after using the holographic nail polish for a longer period of time. The reality behind this is that high-quality holographic nail polish supplies the nails with minerals and vitamins that strengthen the nails and make them grow over time. Also, having your nails decorated in a fashionable way makes you more careful when handling things as you will always try to maintain the alluring look by avoiding the bad practices with your nails.

If you have been wondering whether or not to consider a holographic nail polish, there is no cause for alarm as this nail polish is proficiently designed to suit your needs and enhance your elegance quintessentially without compromising your health. The polish is compatible with all types of nails and will serve you perfectly. Available in various prices, you can always expect to get something amazing to sustain your looks at any given time!

Collection of Glitter Nails Tutorial Video from Born Pretty Customers

Hi, our Born Pretty lovelies. It is time to see you again. You would know that this blog is mainly about glitter nails sharing. You cannot miss this post if you are a glitter nails fans.

Now Let’s enjoy them and learn how to do it together~

Peacock glitter acrylic nail powder, you could get more surprises after you seeing this video. It is one of our Born Pretty most popular nail art supplies for these two weeks since this product is launched. Search 40893 & 40863 to add it to your cart~ And the nail art display stand is here.

Look at the second one, you would be very surprised that the nails looks so elegant. It is really a great benefit for unicorn glitter nails lovers. Item code #40320, shop it now~

It is another one glitter acrylic nail powder review tutorial from our Born Pretty. Do you like this style? You could select your favorite color among the 9 colors. Follow below tutorial and have a try~

It is the same product with last video, which one do you like more? Search 38616 from to try one~

Attention, it is the last tutorial video about glitter nails design. Check it, I believe that you will acquire more skills about art nails.  

It is done now. Are they enough for you? Please feel free to share your glitter nails if you are planning to try some of them.

Your suggestions about our blog content are definitely warmly welcomed. ♥♥♥♥ See you next time~

See more nails tutorial videos here-

Aug 18, 2017

Born Pretty Art Nails, Tailor- Made for You ♥♥

Hello everyone. Happy Friday~

Do you like art nails? If yes, would you like to try our Born Pretty nail art supplies? Today, I am going to share you a collection of nail art stickers reviews from our Born Pretty customers. Please feel free to share your thoughts about them with us. Thanks, dears:)

Firstly, I am going to show you two cool gradient holo nail stickers review. You would be surprised if you are willing to click here. Have you used this kind of holo blue stickers before? Then why don’t you try this one?

Secondly, three sky manicure blue nails will be shared with you guys. See them clearly, looks similar, right? But you will find that each one will bring you different feelings. Stunning nail art stickers, search item code 39764 from to add it to your cart~

Thirdly, elegant and bright flower water decal nails, so beautiful, agree me? There are many different colored flowers patterns to choose here, do not miss it~

Fourthly, 3d art sticker nails are coming. Are you ready? Pink color with nole lines make the nails look unique. It is really art nails, do you also think so?

Finally, two nail reviews with flower water decals, could you figure out they are sticker nails when you look at them for the first sight? Search 39738 to help you solve your questions.

Kindly let me know your feelings about them and comment your favorite one below:)

Thanks for our customers’ nail art stickers review sharing. ♥♥♥ You are free to share us your nails designs or share your prediction art nails trend with us. Thanks so much in advance for your feedback ~

See you. Hope you will have an unforgettable weekend. Heart~

Aug 15, 2017

Elegant Color Changing Nail Polish Reviews Collection for You Here ♥

Hello, dears. Thank you very much for all our Born Pretty sincere fans being here all the time ♥♥. Your support really means a lot for us. Thanks again, lovelies~

Today, I am going to share you a collection of color changing nail polish design reviews, and please feel free to share me your thoughts through comment.

Look at this one, simple nail design but still beautiful. Do you want to try? You could get more details after searching 18931 from And next two reviews all used this color changing nail polish~

Different color bring different feelings, right? If you like this style, you could try one. The usage steps has been shared on our page.

This one looks fresh and pretty suitable for summer, do you agree me? Our Born Pretty cheap nail polish can always reach an amazing effect:)

The nails is designed with color changing nail polish with liner nail art stickers, so cool~ Here to get more details, big sale and seize this opportunity~

Elegant nail design is here, have a nice try! ♥♥

This fresh nail designer must be good at nail art and get a suitable proportion for the perfect color. How do you think of this one?

Look at the last one, pink lovers should not miss this post. Comfortable color could make you happier, yes? Color changing nail polish fans could pay more attention here!

Now, could you share me which one do you prefer? Color changing nail polish always looks cooler and the usage steps are easy to learn. Cheap nail polish with good quality, sounds fantastic~

Please let me know if you want to see other nail design types in our Born Pretty blogger. Thank you and see you next time!

Aug 11, 2017

Selecting One Holographic Nail Polish to Spend Your Wonderful Holiday

Hi lovelies! Happy Friday~

I believe that you have enjoyed a collection of stamping templates in our Born Pretty last blog post. Hope you had found your favorite one~

Now, I am going to share you a series of our Born Pretty holographic nail polish, are you expecting it? ♥♥ If yes, let’s see more details together next:)

Look at the first one, amazing glitter nails, do you agree me? You will get more surpries after clicking here ♥‿♥.

The second one, magic rainbow holo nail polish nails, beautiful colors can be matched well with all of your dresses.

The third different glitter holographic nail polish, looks cool. Are you planning to try one? Search item code 35871 to get more info~

The fourth one, magnificent color, it is suitable for you to attend ball or party. Do miss it here~

Do you think the fifth holographic nail polish color look likes the sky color? If you like sky, you would definitely love this kind of nail polish~

The sixth holo nails, are you brave enough to try this one? (◍•ᴗ•◍) Item code: 36892, have a nice try!

The seventh one, also my favorite one kind of glitter nails. Elegant color may make you look gentle

The eighth one, fantastic nails color look great to match your white and beautiful hands~ This kind of holographic glitter nail polish is on sale now, don’t miss this opportunity.

The last one, dark colored holographic nail polish is also stunning, yes? See here and design your own creative nails :)

It is done! Thanks so much for our customers generous sharing. Which one is the most adorable nail polish for you? Please just be free to share your thoughts with us through leaving a comment. See you next week!