Feb 23, 2017


Hello dears^^
Today I am writing this blog to introduce one of our new products and I am gonna hold a giveaway for you guys!

You can clearly pick out the color you want from you lots of bottles of UV GEL.

Here shows how to use it:

Here is the final result, it's necessary, isn't it?

Here is our tutorial video for it:

If you want to buy it, click HERE to try it for ONLY $1.99!

And then here is our giveaway!!

(1) Share the above banner picture on at least 2 social websites such as Instagram / Blogspot / Facebook / Google+ / Tumblr and so on.

(2) Leave a comments below with your links.
When you share the banner picture please please share this link too:

* Please also leave your email here.
If you're chosen as the winner, we can contact with you more easily.

We will choose 5 winners form participants, each winner will be sent a prize including 3 products:1 set of BornPretty color button HERE ;1 Bottle of BornPretty Rose Series UV GEL of 10 ML HERE; 1 Bottle of BornPretty Top Coat 10 ML HERE.

Expired: 5th March, 2017 (Included 5th March)

We will post the 5 lucky winners on 5th.

Find me on Instagram: @bornprettyreview for more nail art reviews and pictures.

And don’t forget to use code GPL91 to get 10% Off discount!

Wish you guys GOOD LUCK!!

Bye ^^

Feb 16, 2017

BornPretty NEW ARRIVALS, Nail Care Oil and other stunning stuff...

Hi dears, I feel nice to see you guys again when I start to write this blog post.Maybe this is a special way to make friends with you guys.
Today my article is about some new arrivals on our website. So let's begin!

1 BornPretty Nail Care Anti-Cuticle Oil
This is our new product, I tried it and I really love it!! 
It makes the area around my nails feel so soft and smooth...
And there are 5 flavors avalable: coconut/lavender/pineapple/peach/almond.
I like the coconut one personally.
It is $2.99 and hot sale!
If you want to have a try please CLICK HERE :)

2 BornPretty Stamping Plates Holder
Do you love the simple design? I do very much.
It is practical and chic.
It almost looks like a purse, you could even use it as a handbag as long as you do not mind the logo,lol.

CLICK HERE to buy for only $6.99(price only for one week)

3 Rose Gold Jelly Nail Art Stamper

The color is really beautiful.It's a must-have for every nail stamping lover. 
Do you agree with me?

CLICK HERE to buy it for only $2.99!

4 BornPretty Rose Pink Series Soak-off UV GEL

Spring is calling for some rose and pink shade, this new series UV GEL have 8 color selections for you, every single one is so beautiful, I personally love the 4th one best, it's a kind of nude pink.

The price is also amazing! ONLY $2.29 for 5 ml.
Click HERE to buy!
And HERE for 10 ml ($3.99)

Then we have some new sparkly nail art powder and sequins for you!

Colored Mirror Powder CLICK HERE $0.99 (price for only one week)

Neon Nail Powder CLICK HERE $0.99 (price for only one week)

Twinkle Stars Nail Sequins CLICK HERE $0.99 (price for only one week)

Ultra-thin Irregular Seashell Paillette Sequins CLICK HERE $0.99 (price for only one week) 

And you could also CLICK HERE for more NEW ARRIVALS.

That's all for today's blog post, do you love them? Do you have something you want to buy in your mind?
What kind of other nail products would you love to see on our website?
Comments are ALL welcomed!
Thanks for reading, see you next time!

Feb 4, 2017

The fist blog post of February, Let's see some beautiful reviews!

Hell dears,
I REALLY give up writing blog for a long time bacause I am too busy! SO sorry for missing for such a long time : D
So today I write this blog to post some beautiful pictures that impresses me a lot, I want to share with you guys!
So, are you ready?

1 BornPretty Flower Gel

There are some real dry flowers in it. So cute!!
Do you like it? I fall in love with it at the first sight! lol

Item ID: 38091
Click HERE to check it on our website.

2 BornPretty Chameleon Starry UV Gel

Shiny and chameleon effect, LOVE LOVE! And this Soak-off UV GEL is very long lasting.

Item ID: 25217
Click HERE to check it on our website.

3 BornPrety Nail Art Water Decals BPY36

Item ID: 33977
Click HERE to check it on our website.

There were two kinds of floral patterns in one sheet, the tropical red flowers and the cute little sprouts make this suitable for the upcoming spring. Do you like this? Get it for $0.99 now 💓💓!

4 BornPretty Stamping Plate BP-99

Item ID: 33732
Click HERE to check it on our website.

Those pictures are really beautiful, right? Shinning Blue blooming roses.
Have you got a plan for a Valentine'day's nails? How about some some roses? Get the round plate for $1.99 💋

That's all for today's blog post, I really love these pictures, they are the feast for the eyes. If you are interested in one of our product, click it and buy it, do not hesitate : D

What's your opinion? what is your favorite product or picture in today's post? Welcome comment below ^^

See you next time! Bye~