Sep 28, 2016

BornPretty Giant Clear Jelly Stamper hits the store and Giveaway!!

Hello Dears,

Our New BORNPRETTY® Giant Clear Jelly Stamper is one of our hot seller now!!
It is larger than usual stampers, which makes it easy to stamp the whole plate and makes your stamping work nice and quick!
Here is a video tutorial for you:

And next is a good news:
We have a “Giant Jelly Stamper Giveaway” for our blog followers
Participating in this giveaway and you will have a chance to get one BORNPRETTY® Giant Clear Jelly Stamper for free!

(1) Share the above banner picture on at least 2 social websites such as Instagram / Blogspot / Facebook / Google+ / Tumblr and so on.

(2) Leave a comments below with your links.
* Please also leave your email here.
If you're chosen as the winner, we can contact with you more easily.

We will choose 5 winners form participants, each winner will be sent one giant clear jelly stamper.
Expired: 7th October, 2016 (Included 7th October)
We will post the 5 lucky winners on 7th October.

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Wish you all GOOD LUCK!!
Bye ^^

Sep 26, 2016

✿Reviews of Beautiful BornPretty Water Decals ✿

Hello guys
It's another new week. It's another Monday.
That's why we need to find some nice pictures to enjoy ourselves! lol
Today's theme is about water decals, you can use water decals to create colorful even stunning nails. ALL you need is a cup of water : )

If you are interested in today' theme, then just keep reading:

1 Bloomy Roses Nails
   Using #15709 Water decals

They are just so nice and elegant, bloomy Roses Patterns and nude series nail polish. 
which girl do not expect this kind of nail designs?

Full post of this blog HERE

2 Another Cute Floral Nails
   Using #20606 Water Decals

Although this is also a floral pattern nails, but this is obviously more cute than the last one which is roses patterns. This one include some daisies, sunflowers and chrysanthemums. Various patterns and vivid shapes make this water decal cute and lively. : )

Full post of this blog HERE

3 Aztec Patterns Nails
  Using  #30397  Water Decals

The bright color combinations and unique Aztec patterns can make people's day at their first sight looking at these water decals.
Yes, it does, at least it works on me. That's why i like it haha.

                           Full post of this blog HERE

4 Summer Paradise Nails
   Using #30399

These are really lovely patterns! 
Tropical flowers, sunglasses, bikini, nice fruit's really "Hawaii Style" 
Beaches, sea,sun loungers on the beach,it is a kind of life that we are all looking forward to.

Although summer almost passed away. But wearing this cute water decals which remind us of beautiful memories of summer is also a wonderful experience. 
Summer is still living in our hearts, right? 

                         Full post of this blog HERE

That's all for today's blog.
There are four different kinds of review of four water decals? Which is your love at the first sight? 
You can leave whatever you want to say, opinions or suggestions in the comments below. 
I think we can be friends! XD

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See you, Bye!

Sep 20, 2016

Amazing Jewelry and Stationary Reviews of September

Hello sweeties,
Good to see you guys again! : D
Today, apart from some cute jewelry reviews, I also want to show you something different, that is———Stationary!! 
September is the back to school month, so a here is a mini bornpretty stationary haul to show you.

Let't begin:

You can see how lovely and cool they are, perfect for any occasions and outfits, no matter what you are wearing, T-shirts or dresses, high-heels or sneakers. 

They all looks so good in photos, and actually, their quality are really great!lol
As decorations of hands, they are kind of vintage style, but this kind of vintage style suits everyone, it makes people elegant.

3 Holo Starry Moon Necklace (The first and third one in the picture below)
  Retro Trees Moon Necklace (The second one in the picture below)

They and stunning! So, lots of people are obsessed with these kind of moon necklace.

Maybe pictures can replace my words to express their charm. They really worth a try : )

Full post of this blog click HERE

Beautiful watercolor effects and leaves patterns.
They are full feelings of autumn, right?
Few people still write letters or send post cards now, but who cares? We buy lots of things because they looks pretty, haha. They can be used as gift cards. : )

They looks good and works well.

I have to say that I like this wooden bookmark, it looks like something belong to my grandma. 
People read books to pursuit inner peace, and the little cute bookmark help people a lot.

Full post of this blog click HERE

That's all for today's blog, are you satisfied with toady's blog? Do you have any favorite jewelry or stationary products? Or do you have anything want to tell me? We welcome all kinds of suggestions and opinions in the comments below : )

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See you in the next blog! :))

Sep 18, 2016

Which Nail Design Is Your Dream Nails?

Hello sweeties,
How are you doing these days?
As I usually do, today I will update some beautiful nail art pictures and reviews, maybe they can inspire you or they could  be a feast for our eyes.
So, Let's begin! : )

1 Alice in Wonderland Theme Nails

I have to say, this is nail design is a really cute one, it's a design full of pink glitters and patterns in an old fairy-tale books. There is no doubt it's eye-catching!
Here in this nails, the blogger used our Stamping Plate:

Born Pretty Stamping Plate BP-L021

Full post of this Blog HERE

2 Magic Watermarble Nails

Watermarble nails is really adorable, but sometimes we don't have time for doing a real watermarble nails because it's way too complicated. So having a watermarble theme stamping plate is sooo good.You can use this plate to do coffee nails or more colorful ones very easily.
In these following pictures, the blogger used Born Pretty Stamping Plate Harunouta L005

The hottest-sale plate is this series, would you like to try it?

Full post of this blog HERE

3 Blue Holo Butterfly Nails

The blogger use the stamping plate to create a butterfly decals, I was totally impressed by her skills and the beautiful final effects.

And here is the Youtube video tutorial for you, if you think it's beautiful, you could learn how to do it through the tutorial.
Here the blogger used  Born Pretty Stamping Plate BP74

Full post of this blog HERE

4 Glitter Green Based and Pink Cherry Blossom Nails

A easy but gorgeous nails, the green base works so well with the Peachblow stamping nails.

Here the blogger used Born Pretty Stamping Plate BP20
Born Pretty Stamping Polish in Peachblow

Full post of this blog HERE

Okay,That's all for today's blog, which nail design do you prefer? Leave whatever you want to say, opinions or suggestions in the comments below. I would love to read them : )

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Bye ^^

Sep 8, 2016

✿First Jewelry Show and Review of September ✿

Hello Dears,
It had been a while since the last blog post, so today I will update something new for you to enjoy. As you all know, BornPrettyStore is a company which mainly specialized in Nail art, Make up, Jewelry Products. Last time, we talked about nail art, so today's topic is about jewelry.
And when we enjoy the jewelry reviews, we can always enjoy the photos of beauties, isn't it? LOL
So, Let's begin ^^

Big Hoop Sliver Earrings 
  Dual Heart Pendant Necklace
  Silver Plated Bracelet

These three little pieces of jewelry seems to be so unnoticeable, so simple with no colors, but jewelry always work in this way, they always change you into another person before you notice it.

The dual-layer necklace is one of our new arrival jewelry, and also one of hot-sale necklaces. You have to try if you don's want to be out of fashion!
Although the sunlight is not as strong as that in summer, but you know what? Wearing sunglasses on the head is another way to be coo! XD

Full post of this blog HERE

The Chameleon Mirror Sunglasses is one that the blogger loves so much, she loves its good quality and unique design...when she walks on the street wearing this glasses, some people even asked her where to buy it, which amazed her. So amazing, I  want to try it,too.

The Crystal ear studs is just so lovely and elegant.
Wearing it with a black dress is perfect.

Ring Set always seems to be so charming. This set of ring has retro design color and design, which included flowers, moon,elephant and other delicate patterns.
And when you polish your nails and then wear the rings, your hands will looks very beautiful.
And good new for you, this set of ring is on sale, you can get the 10 rings for only $3.99 ^^

Full post of this blog HERE

All of the four products attract me at the very first sight, but as far as I'm concerned, I prefer the black collar and gold collar. And the collar in brown is also available, I love that one best!!

Full post of this blog HERE

That's all for today's blog, do you have your favorite one in today's jewelry products? I really want to know which one is your favorite, that's important to us because customer's decisions always decide our trend of jewelry new arrivals in the future.
These days, I always post blogs about nail art and jewelry, do you guys want to see more about make up products review? Tell me opinions, I would be happy to read them!

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See you guys next time!!