Jun 28, 2018

Cheer Up for the World Cup with Different Nail Art Design

What is the most exciting event in this summer? Definitely the World Cup!!! What about the most exciting thing you will fall head over heels for it as first sight and never be bored with it? Absolutely nail designs!!! Now what kind of nail polish, nail colors and stamping polish you have applied to support your favorite country? I’d love to suggest some cool fingernail polish to show my love and support for the World Cup.

Stamping polish lacquer black color and sweet color nail polish help to design Germany flag if you are a big fan of Germany. Well, I won’t tell you I vote for Germany just because I’m obsessed with those hottest German players:)

Also, if you are extremely fascinated by someone, Lionel Messi for example. His jersey can be designed with white UV Gel Polish Nail as bottom colour, black and gold gel nail polish as stripes, and red as his number, of course you can DIY according to your preference. The most important tool you may need in this process is nail tape which ensures your stripes straight.

Additionally, if you want to make your nails out of the ordinary. Don’t forget to try nail stamping plate of various styles. Ready to cheer up for your favorite team with BornPretty? Show them your nails!!!