New Arrival Stars Cloud Printed Phone Case & Stars Cloud Printed Legging & Swimwear and Cute Handbag & Mood polish color gel

Hi girl ! 

Do you like the Stars Cloud Printed products ? Such as phone case or the Stars Cloud Printed Legging  ?
Come on ! Here have 3 kinds Stars Cloud Printed Phone Case .

 Stars Cloud Printed Legging !

There we have 58 kinds Stars Cloud Printed Legging there to choose for you . And we will have more nice Stars Cloud Printed Legging  later .  

They are be sold for $11.89 now !

Find them  here :
Do you like them ?

We also have some other kinds new colorful leggings ! 
Find them here :

 Some new sexy swimwear here . So hot i think !!!
Is there have your style  ?
Find our swimwears here  :

Cute Handbag !!! Do you like them ?

Many kinds to choose from here :  

Have one you like . O(∩_∩)O~

Mood polish color gel that changes color by temperature. 

Check out all the colors:

Do you like our new products ? 
We always are searching for new products and want to offer 
the most popular items for our customers, if you have some 
good suggestions and recommendation, 
we will be highly appreciated.   : )

Hope you like Born Pretty Store

If you want to buy them , you can use the coupon code GPL91 to get 10% discount !

Our "  Born Pretty Holo Polish Contest "  is still on now . 

Did you attend ?

This giveaway starts on   June 7th, 2013   ~    July 16 ,2013 .


  1. I placed a new order a few days ago, nail art stuffs and one holo polish, you have a lot of pretty things :)

    1. Thank you dear ! =) Hope you can receive the products soon .

  2. Olá, tudo joia?!
    Está lindo seu blog, já estou te seguindo...
    Segue o meu tbm, eu iria adorar!!!
    Sucesso para você!!!

  3. This is the first time I see a nail polish that changes its colour because of the temperature !

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