Aug 23, 2018

BORN PRETTY Gradient Topcoat---Jelly-like Topcoat

Great news!!! We newly released a kind of nail art stuff, not gel not regular polish, but gradient top coat. When you see it, I bet you are gonna love it at first sight. Its light transparent and jelly-like, so it will lustre your nails. Not thick, because its not regular nail polish. Here are some pictures for your reference.

This is called Lotus Pond. Sort of a nude color. And we also have super light pink, yellow and violet. They all look natural and healthy on your nails, which is suited for students who study at school but not allowed to wear thick and exaggerated polish.

Also, if you think its boring and monotonous. DIY will add some spice to your nails. Bubbles, flowers or butterfly, anything you like, any image you like, you can freehand by yourself if you are quite skilled at it or use some help of stamping plates if you are green hand. Faster to stamp the image you like.

With all the tools you need, you may wonder where to start. No worries. Here shares a video with you. Follow the steps and create a unique nail style. Dont forget to share your design with me:)