Feb 26, 2018

March Nails-Feel the Spring Freshness on Your Fingertips 💛

Hello dear. March is coming soon, do you have any great ideas for this warm season? If not, hope this post would provide you some inspiration. Trust me, you will be amazed after you enjoy a collection of green freshness nail art. Now, follow me to feel the charm of the fingertips.💛

Spiral green manicure, have you felt the spring fresh smell after seeing this pic? Chic nail art, try together! 🙌

Paint your nails as you love with just one nail brush, item code #41718, free to do any creative manis with this nail tool. 😡

The gather of white and green color, simple and very comfortable, do you agree me? More nail powder shared in bps site, find your March nails there. 💖

Pure green nail polish, please do remember buffer your nails well before you apply any kind of metallic nail polish. Hope you could find the color you want to try.

Cat eye glitter nails, do you think if it is suitable to use this kind of acrylic powder in spring?

Leaf stamping nail art three steps to finish it, and green stamping polish is a very great choice for this style nail! Here to check different types of nail tutorial video here->

Welcome to share us your spring March nail ideas and let’s feel the freshness together. See you next time. Thank you so much for your accompany all the time.