Feb 13, 2018

Find One Lovely Nail Style for Valentine’s Day 💕

Happy Valentine’s Day! Are you ready for this Valentine’s Day nail art? If not, hope this post will give you any guide about which kind of Valentine’s nail design suits you best. 💕

Look at the first one, romantic Paris heart manicure. It is your choice if you love romantic element, and very adorable to use the purple nail polish.

Express your love bravely with the “love” words, suitable for some straight lovely girls. This celebration Valentine's Day stamping plate will surprise you.

The third one, simple gel nail style, how do you think of this one? Very cute to design a heart image, I love red gel nails, always attractive! Nice for coming Chinese Lunar New Year.

Low-key but fresh nail style, it is also very good to apply your nails with light nail polish.

Gradient rose flower stamping nail art, sometimes the nail art process will be more interesting. Try a different color reverse stamping to feel the joy of painting nails. New stamping plate item code: 41925.

Heart nail design for painting nail art, it is easy to do it. You just need to paint your nails casually with some Valentine’s images. How do you think of the design?

Select one style which suits you best to spend your unforgettable special day. Hope you will have a romantic memory.