Jan 31, 2018

Two Effect of Chameleon Glitter Nails within Three Steps

Hello dear. Wanna try any special nail art usage? Follow me, I am going to share you two different usages with chameleon unicorn powder, you all could finish them within three steps. Sounds so cool, wanna try?

First usage:
1st, Apply base gel, cure, and apply black gel, cure it. Then apply not wipe top coat and cure.

2nd, Stick the holographic vinyls on your nails, and use a sponge stick to pick the powder then burnish onto nails.

3rd, peel off the vinyls, apply top coat and cure it

Second usage:
1st,apply the no wipe coat and cure it.
2nd,mix top coat and powder evenly.

3rd,stick the vinyls and select the suitable pattern, then draw anything you want with brush.

4th,peel off the vinyls, apply top coat and cure it.

Here check the two effect of all the same nail products, which one do you prefer? Trust me, glitter nails will never let you down. And more details shared in this video. Hope you will love it!!