Jan 29, 2018

Explore the Joy of Thermal Nails Together

Hello dears. Happy Monday. It is a new week now, do you wanna try something special and funny? Then why not try any color changing nail polish? Follow me to check this post, you will be amazed by the funny changes of thermal nails. 

We could see the obvious color changes from above two pictures, pink nails, cute design, which one do you love more?

Hope you enjoy the comparison of four pictures and you will get that the colors get dark under low temperature, so funny, right? All above three nail art all used the color changing nail polish, item code #40479, many colors optional, try it soon~

Color changing stamping polish, two usages could be used as regular thermal polish and stamping polish. Select one color and find a interesting stamping plate pattern, then it deserves your try. Item code #41003 from

BORN PRETTY new product, thermal 3 colors gel polish, it could show you three different colors. If you love thermal gel polish more than color changing nail polish, here is your choice. Item code #41673, 12 colors optional for you. Select one best for you.

Now, did you have know more knowledge about thermal nails? Fun nail art, don’t miss it. Get it quickly and share us your feelings about them.

Thank you for your support. See you next time. 


  1. Never had any. Its about time to get one and try :D

    1. Funny to look at the color changes under different temperature water. Welcome to share us your nail ideas. :)