Holographic Stamping Nails-Benefit for Nail Stamping Lovers

Hello dear. Have you tried holographic stamping nails before? It is not late if you like cool holographic nail style, check this post, follow me to enjoy the amazing effect of holographic nail polish.

Cool butterfly nail stamping with holographic stamping polish, it is very useful to try this kind of special stamping polish, do you like it? Shared from @iv_juli. Item code: #40995 and #41068.

Strong holographic effect nails with dream catch stamping plates, nice design idea from @melonpolish.

Yagala’s great nail work, I love the design!! I am planning to try it soon.

Could you figure out it is dream catcher stamping nails? So cute, lovely holo nails, don’t miss it.  

Look at this one, designed from @blondinkao0, she shared so many beautiful nail designs and all look so good. I love her nail bed, so jealous!!

This one is simple just finished it with holographic nail polish, and it could be also used as holographic stamping polish, wanna try?

All above holo nails are designed with the holographic stamping polish, most people can not resist the temptation, could you? Welcome to share us your thoughts in the comment and kindly let me know if you have any great nail ideas:)


  1. I love holographic polish !

    1. Me, too. And the holographic stamping nail is really cool.

  2. Replies
    1. I think so and thank you for our bloggers's sharing :) You also could do that.

  3. Replies
    1. One of my favorite nail style, really attractive :)

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