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New nail art products arrive now ! 

Use the official coupon code GPL91 purchase them can get 10% discount !

Let's go ! 

Have a look at those news .Hope you like them .

Newly Stamping Nail Art Stamper > find more here

Nail Art Roll Foils Leopard Lacy Arabesque Leaf Glitter 

( 10 patterns )

Join our " Summer Nail Art Contest  " Now !
Theme : Summer !
Duration : April 14, 2014 ~ April 27, 2014

Our warehouse and  logistics have some reforms , so , the shipping days is shortly now .  If you make orders  after the middle of March in Born Pretty Store  , you must received the package now . Is that right ? Some of my friends let me know this news . So , if you still not received your order after one month , please contact with our CS !
So , don't worry to get long time to get your order now .  Use our official coupon code GPL91  ( 10% discount for products not in special price ) make order now . You will receive the package quickly than before !  
This days , our store have many new nail art products ( and more this days ) , you can find them here  :

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  1. So many new goodies :)
    Those last two foils look interesting :p

  2. so pretty...more reasons to shop now


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