Sep 26, 2017

Long-Lasting UV Gel Nails for You Busy Lovelies ♥♥♥

Hello, guys. How are you? It is our BORN PRETTY sharing customer show’s time, are you expecting that? Today’s topic is about uv gel nails, did you do your own manicures before? If not, why don’t you have a nice try? Now, let’s just appreciate them together :)

This two cat eye green magnetic uv gel nails, how do you think of this color? As for me, I love cat eye gel polish and cat eye nail powder, and the effect always looks fantastic after using magnetic board. Apply the magnetic board with a suitable distance, trust me, you will be surprised. There are five other colors available, have a nice try here!

Look at the two matte uv gel nails, they are so elegant and unique, do you agree me? The nails will keep longer after using the uv gel top coat, although it is not easy to dry. But the effect worth yours time. Item code #38604.

Another different two uv gel nails designed with transparent chameleon polish, do you love this style? I think some glitter nails have similar effect, like glitter nail art powder designs. Do you want to try them and make a comparison? Item code #40795.

Bright orange uv gel nails, cool colors, which is a kind of nails to show your special personality. And some holographic effect is designed with the nails, there are more colors to be chosen. Look here holographic uv gel polish, which one do you love best?

Here are the last two uv gel nails, looks simple but really great. I you are very busy and don’t want to change your nails so frequently, then you have to consider try the uv gel nails or glitter nails. Two weeks will be OK, then you could just try another color.

It is done, and have you decided to try one of them? Painting them twice and the nail effect will be better, please don’t forget to share us your professional nail designs later. Kindly let me know if you have any questions about them. Thank you very much.

See you next time. Heart ♥♥♥♥