Chic & Fabulous Nail Art Show For November

Hello Lovelies,

How are you? Wish all you a nice day!

We haven't shared nail art show with you for a long time,but we'd already collected numerous beautiful ones.

Then,I will share some chic & fabulous manicures as before today.Hope you enjoy them.

If you especially like any ones, you can click the below links to see the detailed reviews and the products that had been used for the manicures .

Full post here , use the product: Oval Rhinestoned Studs
Full post here , use the product: Nail Brush

Full post here , use the product: Nail Glitter

Full post here , use the product: Starfish Studs

Full post here , use the product: Round nail studs & Triangle studs

Full post here , use the product: Stamping Plate BP-L027

Full post here , use the product: Tribal Water Decals

Full post here , use the product: Stamping plate BP-L025

Full post here , use the product: Stamping Plate BP-L010 & Black stamping polish

Full post here , use the product: BP Blue stamping polish

Full post here , use the product: Chameleon Polish

Full post here , use the product: Stamping Plate BP-L027

Full post here , use the product: Floral Water Decals BP-W19

Full post here , use the product: Stamping Plate BP-77

Full post here , use the product: Mirror Polish Set

So much for today. If you like any ones, just feel free to leave a comment here for the nice manicures that you adore.The designers will be happy to know it.^^

Plus, we are always searching for new products and want to offer the most popular 
items for our customers, if you have some good suggestions and recommendation, 
It will be greatly appreciated. ) 

Just write to me now.  My email box :  ! 

If you'd like to get free samples and review them for us, also please feel free to contact me with above email !!!
Give me the product pictures or web links for the nail art products you hope our store have.We will choose 10 suggestions which is best. Then you can get about 3 nail art products for free. Of course the nail art products are our hot sale products. So, let me know your suggestion. The activities will be available for a long time .
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  1. Unas manicuras fabulosas!!
    el blog de Sunika

  2. Your nail art decals are very good and the combinations of nail paints are very beautiful and I loved all the nail arts but the second last was the best

    1. Thanks for your nice words. I also love this one!^^

  3. And your 8th one was awesome.I would be happy if your store has peel off base coat

    1. We've already have peel off base coat, you can search ID: 20784 in our store. It's the just one you'd like.^^

    2. Oh thanks.i may not have seen it.

  4. Your nail art blog is awesome and all the nail art done in this blog are very beautiful and the stamp in ones inspired me the most.I love your nail arts

    1. Thank you so much! We'd be glad to kno you love them.^^

  5. And you might do some nail arts related to different seasons and festivals.

    1. Also thanks for your suggestions, of course we will have more nice manicures for different seasons and festivals.^^

  6. Love all the nail designs! ♥ ^^

    1. Thanks very much! The desingers will be happy to know that!^^

  7. every single manicure is very nice but stamping with bpl025 cute cats i like the most

  8. All designs is very good <3

  9. You can also see my nail art blog at

  10. When will the results come for this competition

  11. Loved all the designs featured in this post!

  12. Amo lo stile che trovo sul Vostro sito! Ho appena recensito i miei ultimi acquisti, contentissima!!

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