Oct 19, 2015

BPS 5th Anniversary Super Sale!!!

Hello Lovelies,

BornPrettyStore 5th Anniversary Super Sale is coming!!!
The nail art items, makeup & beauty items and jewelry accessories items have great special offer for you.^^

I will show the some most popular ones.

All Round Stamping Plates Are $0.99!
All Y-Series Stamping Plates Are $1.39!
BP-L XL Stamping Plates Are $1.99!

Only $2.99 For All New BP Stamping Polishes!
There are 37 Colors available!
The capacity of each bottle is 15ml.
You will surely find the colors you want here.

Order Jewelry & Accessories to $15, you can get a jewelry Lucky Bag worth $12.99.

3 Boxes Eyelashes Are only $5.99! 10Pairs For each box.
You can pick up the patterns randomly as you like.
50% Off for New contact Lens!
Only $0.99 For Sexy Lip Gloss!

If you like any of them, just come on, don't miss the sale!!!

Use code  GPL91 at checkout can get 10% Off discount ! 


  1. Thank you for the notification. It's a big sale. I hope to purchase many things in this shopping.


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