Good News! Make Order Win Voucher in !

Hello Lovlies,
Nice to meet you here!

Numerous Amazing Nail Art New Arrivals on sale in our store now!
Among them are pretty water decals , fancy 3D Nail Decoration , dazzling nail glitters , charming nail stamping plates , awesome nail art wheels , perfect nail art brushes , useful nail art tools , UV Gel lamps and so on!

You can always find the stuffs you like and need here.

Also,there's good news for you:

Make Order  in our store, You can Win Voucher !
Come on ! Make order in our store now !
You can click here to get more details:

If your order is for 
$10-$20 can get $3 voucher , you can use it when your next order up to $10
$20-$40 can get $7 voucher , you can use it when your next order up to $30
Up $40 can get $15 voucher , you can use it when your next or
der up to $60

The activity is Valid on 17th September.
You can use the voucher from 18th September to 30th September
By the way , thanks for all you paticipating the 3D Mini Studs Giveaway, we have picked up the lucky winners , Congratulations to the following 3 lucky winners :
 Mary del Pino

We will cantact you later and send you the free 3D mini studs. 
Have a nice weekend!^^ 


  1. Thank you! I'm so glad I won :)

  2. Thank you so much!! I'm very happy ^^




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