Aug 23, 2014

Lucky Winners of New Stamping Plates Giveaway!

Hi Lovelies,

The vote for the most like stamping plate is finished, we can know result from the comments, the Qgirl-013,Qgirl-004 and Qgirl-010 are the most welcomed patterns in the stamping plate new arrivals. I'm very glad you like our new arrivals!^^
You can find out more nail art products here:

You can use coupon code (GPL91) to get 10% off discount when you buy them.

Thanks very much for all your participating again.^^

Now, congratulations to the following 3 Lucky Winners  of the Giveaway:

QueenMiSeRy     (like Qgirl-013 best)

Manases Andrea   (like Qgirl-010 best)

Miss Happy     (like Qgirl-004 best)

We will contact you in time and send you the free new stamping plates!


  1. Wow! What a lovely surprise! ♥
    Thank you BornPrettyStore!

  2. Super happy!!! thanks a lot and many congrats to the other winners!

  3. Congratulations to the winners and thanks, BPS!!

  4. Wow, I won again...I am so lucky this month. Thank you very much!