New Nail Art Stamp Template in June

Hi beauties ! Good news here . We have 6 pcs new nail art stamp templates here in store now . The patterns are very interesting ! You can find those stamp templates here .  Click the picture , you will into the product web .

If you want to purchase those nail art products , don't forget to use our official coupon code GPL91 get 10% discount ! 

Find our  Nail Art Stamp Templates here :

Come on !!!

Plus, we always are searching for new products and want to offer the most popular

items for our customers, if you have some good suggestions and recommendation, 
we will be highly appreciated.   : )
Give me email now .  My email box :  !

Give me the product pictures or web link for the nail art products you hope our store have . We will choose 10 suggestions which is best  . Then you can get about 3 nail art products for free . Of course the nail art products are our hot sale products . So , let me know your suggestion  . This activities will continue for a long time .

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  1. Qué bonitas esas placas para estampar. Me encantan. Un besito
    el blog de Sunika

  2. All of them look great but my fav form them is D14 ♥

  3. Oh wow! You are getting lot's of great stamping plates lately. I love your plates. They are absolute good.


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