New 3D Nail Art Decoration arrive !

Hi my beauties ! 
New Glam Rhinestoned 3D Nail Art Decoration 12Pcs/box arrive now ! 

There have 4 kind box for you to choose . Every box have 12 Patterns ! Do you want to have them ?? 

Click here :

If you wan to buy them , don't forget to use the coupon code GPL91 get 10% discount !

Do you like them ?  
We have many great 3D Nail Art Decoration in wheel . 
You can find them here :
Also , when you buy them in our store , don't forget to use our official coupon code GPL91 to get 10% discount ! 

Plus, we always are searching for new products and want to offer 
the most popular items for our customers, if you have some good 
suggestions and recommendation, we will be highly appreciated. And, if we use your suggestion , you can get the product which you suggested too ! Also can have opportunity to receive our other nice product to test !   : )


  1. Some cute 3D nail art decals in there!

  2. nr2 definately going on my wish list

  3. They are cute!!! kisses
    El blog de Sunika


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