Aug 31, 2011

Would you like to get items for free from

Would you like to get items for free

If yes, please get the details here:
If you want to get items for free, you can earn BPS points from, and use the points to buy anything you like. offers Reward Point Program
If you have got any products from, you can write review, upload picture/video of your design on, and you can get BPS points easily.

We also extended the Reward Point Program, if you have good shopping experience  in, share it with others, on blog/youtube/twitter/facebook/, you can get at 50-1000 poitns, at least 50 poitns per post! And if you share it on forums, you can get 100-1000poitns, at least 100 points per post! 
100 points=$1
You can get the extended reward point program here: