Useful Tips for Different Shaped Nails Shared with You Guys-Second Giveaway

Hello dear all, thank you very much for your support to BORN PRETTY 7th anniversary celebration, which really means a lot for us. Today, I am going to share you some useful tips for nail art, and I believe that this blog will be helpful for you guys if you plan to try other shaped nails.

Could you please share us your secret about how to cut the nails into ideal shapes? I am so confused that why each nail designer has so many nail cutters or clippers. Now, let me introduce you a magic nail art tool to trim your nails with different shapes.

Look at here, three kinds of nail types shared here, which one shape do you want to try? As we know, sometimes it is not easy to trim the nails to ideal shapes, but this nail art tool could help you do it with one step to make well nails, round nails and straight nails.

Look at them, all the nails are straight nails. Cool shapes can be designed for powder nails, stamping nails or uv gel nails. Which one do you prefer to try? If you are worrying about how to make straight nails, then hope this post could help us out with a simple way.

And those shared for you are round nails, also made with the nail art clippers. Ordinary nails but elegant, have a nice try to find suitable and unique nails for yourself.

And for the well nails, characteristic and remarkable, why not try it if your nails are long?

You might be puzzled how to cut three shaped nails with only one nail art clipper, but it really could do it!! Both suitable for manicure and pedicure!!Check the product picture below and learn how to do it:

Have you got how to make the nails after seeing this picture? Actually, you just need to insert the nail with different angle, and more details share here to see more details! Item code #41000, more colors to select.   

And congratulations, those orders actually payment $299+ from 10th. Oct- 20th. Oct will get free gift set!!! Thank you for your support on BORN PRETTY 7th anniversary celebration. 

Finally, there is the second giveaway on BORN PRETTY Official Facebook ->>, come on and get the free staff soon!! See you next time!! ➔


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