So Many Nail Brushes Here, Do You Really How to Use Them?

Hello dears. Happy Tuesday!

Nail art brush is really a good assistant for nail technician, but there are so many nail art brushes, do you know all of them? Are you alright to use different nail brush? Today. Let’s see how to handle with different nail art pens.

Round Head Nail Brush
This kind of round head nail brush is full of real and much hair, which is mainly used to outline the simple and oblong petals flowers. More details about the nail brush shown here: item code 31343~

Small Nail Brush
Thin and sharp nail brush pen is mainly used to outline the shape of flowers or petals. You could use this small nail brush for some small-size flowers and it could be used for some gradient or blooming colors. Just check here about the bamboo small nail brush.

Flat Nail Brush
Flat brush pen is mainly used for painting roses, peony and so on, which can reflect the 3D effect of the flowers.

Liner Nail Brush
Line nail brush is usually used for painting straight lines with less, thin and long hair.
Tips: when drawing a straight line, the pen tip should be basically vertical with a surface. (Item code : 41323 from )

French Nail Brush
It is mainly used for designing French nails. 

Now, five kinds of nail brushed have been shared, have you learned something from it? You could see more nail brushes if you are planning to try some creative nail art.

Hope it helps for you. 


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