Aug 17, 2018

Happy Chinese Valentine's Day

Hello lovelies. It's been a long time. Miss me? I miss you sooo much. Today is good day and a special day. Why? Because its Chinese Valentine's Day, also called Double Seventh Festival. Here is the story: Cowherd and the Weaving Maid In a Chinese legend who, once a happy couple, become stars separated by the Milky Way. They can meet only once in a year when magpies fly together to form a bridge over the Milky Way. So today is the day!!! Although its just a legend, it also carries a best wish that all the soul mates can become couples with true love. A poignant love story, but also romantic.
So here is how I spend my Valentine's Day. A new nail design.

Pink nail lacquer symbolizes romance. It also has a romantic name FOEVERMORE. And the pink glitter nail polish looks like the Milky Way between Cowherd and the Weaving Maid.

The rose flower is stamped on the pink nails with silver stamping polish. Wish each couples love will be sweet as roses:) We also have many styles of Valentines Day stamping plates. Dont miss it.

After doing nails. What do I need? Oh. The dress. Pick up a stunning dress and dont forget the high heels. Gonna catch everyones attention, including your boy.
I think Im ready for the date. Just waiting for a guy to ask me out...
Wish me good luck. Lovelies. Have a good weekend.


Jun 28, 2018

Cheer Up for the World Cup with Different Nail Art Design

What is the most exciting event in this summer? Definitely the World Cup!!! What about the most exciting thing you will fall head over heels for it as first sight and never be bored with it? Absolutely nail designs!!! Now what kind of nail polish, nail colors and stamping polish you have applied to support your favorite country? I’d love to suggest some cool fingernail polish to show my love and support for the World Cup.

Stamping polish lacquer black color and sweet color nail polish help to design Germany flag if you are a big fan of Germany. Well, I won’t tell you I vote for Germany just because I’m obsessed with those hottest German players:)

Also, if you are extremely fascinated by someone, Lionel Messi for example. His jersey can be designed with white UV Gel Polish Nail as bottom colour, black and gold gel nail polish as stripes, and red as his number, of course you can DIY according to your preference. The most important tool you may need in this process is nail tape which ensures your stripes straight.

Additionally, if you want to make your nails out of the ordinary. Don’t forget to try nail stamping plate of various styles. Ready to cheer up for your favorite team with BornPretty? Show them your nails!!!


May 23, 2018

BORN PRETTY 20000 Limited Free New Products to Get

Hello dear, how are you? Do you know BORN PRETTY a series of new products will be released on June 6th? We have many activity on Instagram, did you join in?

And now, we are going to send you 20000 free new products, wanna get it? Please just register in this site and select one, do not miss great chance. 

One of the favorite product is cat eye nail polish, have you used it before? Here shared you some reviews from @liliy_manicure and @beautyaddictedd and @uitsanka, hope you would love them. 

And there are more colors, item code #42398 from, if you love them, get it on on June 6th. There will be big sale then, please pay more attention :)

See you next time. 

May 16, 2018

Glitter Nails Deserve All Manicurists Trying

Hi dear. How are you recently? Wanna share us your nail ideas you love? Then come here and feel free to communicate with us about your manicure skills. Today, I am going to share you a collection of glitter nails design by BORN PRETTY bloggers, all so beautiful, very proud of you. Enjoy!

Holographic chameleon flakies glitter nails, which color do you wanna try firstly? Green mirror powder may be more suitable for this summer, how do you think of that? Item code #41970, more colors optional shared in

Matte rainbow stripe glitter nails, very nice colors together, how do you think of this nail design? It is really a great idea to decorate your manicure, wanna try?

Holographic sequin nail art, noble yellow with creative nail idea, different flakies sequins for you to choose, click here to get more surprises.

Could you believe that it is designed by holographic starry foil sticker? Holo effect, enough to make you get one and try by yourself. Here to select more patterns for your glitter nails.

One of the most popular holographic glitter sequin nail design, mirror effect and flakies effect could be finished with the staff. Nice product, deserves your try.

Chameleon mirror glitter powder nail design, do you like it? Nice glitter nail design, is it your type?

Now, it is done. Which one do you love best? There are so many nail designs shared in IG@bornprettystore, enjoy. See you next time. 

May 10, 2018

US Warehouse Free Gift Sets with 1-5 Shipping Time

Hello lovelies. How are you? Sorry for the late update, hope everything is fine with you. A big news shared for you, BORN PRETTY US warehouse has opened, have you bought anything from here? If not, would you like to feel the US Warehouse fast shipping? Only 1-5 days, you will get your package so quickly. Sounds amazing, right?

Stamping plates, nail tools, nail polish, foil or water sticker, glitter power and so many other nail  types released in us warehouse, is there anything you wanna buy and get them asap. Now, let’s get more details from below pictures.

Stamping polish, all regular color, you will need them if you always love nail stamping. Wanna get them quickly? US warehouse could help you, ID #41775 from here. Welcome to share us your feelings after trial.

Mirror glitter powder, you will love it if like mirror and chameleon nail effect. Trust me, it will never let you down and make you experience better service.

Magic staff, clean tool for stamping nails, do you have one? If you need it, US warehouse will satisfy you. ID #42259, only $2.99.

Holographic foil sticker, best choice for beginners, easy to finish and it do no harm for your nails. Many patterns optional, be free to use it for your nail art craft, $1.99 for 1-5 shipping day.

Stamping kit with complete nail art stamping products, all products you need in this set, sounds great! Get one set to start your stamping nail art soon. US warehouse could provide you the best you wanna.

Essential base gel and top gel for gel polish nail designs, they could help you keep your manicure longer. Do remember to use them to achieve complete gel nail art designs. Item code #41769 for you to try. 

Clear stamper and scrapper, every manicurist have more than one, how about get one more from BORN PRETTY US warehouse?

It is a pity that we could just share some of them for you, actually, there are so many wonderful staff, more surprises here and you will be amazed by the fast shipping time.

Finally, free get, wanna get? Order $69+ to get free sets, do not hesitate any more, it is your shopping time.

Thank you for your support, any suggestions for US Warehouse at any time are warmly welcomed. See you next time.