BORN PRETTY 20000 Limited Free New Products to Get

Hello dear, how are you? Do you know BORN PRETTY a series of new products will be released on June 6th? We have many activity on Instagram, did you join in?

And now, we are going to send you 20000 free new products, wanna get it? Please just register in this site and select one, do not miss great chance. 

One of the favorite product is cat eye nail polish, have you used it before? Here shared you some reviews from @liliy_manicure and @beautyaddictedd and @uitsanka, hope you would love them. 

And there are more colors, item code #42398 from, if you love them, get it on on June 6th. There will be big sale then, please pay more attention :)

See you next time. 


  1. They look amazing! I love magnetic nail polishes ♥

  2. When shall these be sent out please? How will we know that they are on the way?

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