Aug 28, 2018

Ready For School Days? How About A Refreshed Nail Design to Stand Out?

Summer vacation is counting down to end. Ready for meeting friends with a new nail look? I know its kind of hard to leave your dad and moms warm hugs. But people grow up anyway. Or you can put your love for parents on your nails. Just like this:

I love Dad stamping plate, usually popular on Fathers Day. But for me, everyday is Fathers Day. Because I super love my Dad. Except the plate, Mirror Nail Polish and white stamping polish is used here. If you are not interested in such kind of design. We got another look for your reference:

This looks intelligent. The formula, the maths, all express your love and desire for knowledge, though Im not good at math. But we have chemical, physics and English type stamping plate. Trust me, it will look so cool on your nails. The polish on thumb, index finger and little finger is Matte Nail Polish. Looks like camo. But you can DIY with more colors.

Anyway, this studying nail design is not exaggerated, suitable for school look. So wanna give it a shot? Wish to see your fingersWhen someone said your nails are so pretty, it will brighten my day. Thats the charm of doing nails. Life may not be colorful, but your nails can be:) Hope to see your design in the comment.