Aug 31, 2018

How Much Do You Love Green?

Summer time is counting down. Autumn is sneaking in secretly. Autumn is always an epitome of melancholy and depression here. Because the natural world will lead to depression in fall. But we can still cheer up by doing a new nail design. What color can make me fresh? Definitely green!!!

This nail design is killing me. A perfect match with the dress. All look so refreshed. Would absolutely become a lightspot among the crowds. The floral stamped nails will never go out of fashion. I will never get bored with it.

The stamping polish used here is Pure White and Dark Green. Top coat is our new arrival-BORN PRETTY Tempered Enhance Matte Top Coat. The thumb, ring finger and little finger are applied Green Soak Off UV Gel. If you think it a little extravagant. Then try a light green:

This is our new arrival Glitter Soak Off UV Gel Polish. Looks blingbling and not too thick. And I am also fascinated by the dream catcher stamping plate. Stamping posh is from BP-WN05 Darker Armor. Hope you like it:) Wish all you a happy weekend.