Breathtaking Romance with Lipstick and Nails ^◡^

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Nails and lipstick could not be separate speaking of beauty. Let’s just have a casual talk, when is your last heartbeat, in front of delicious food, seeing amazing colored lipstick, or make a good match with lipstick and nails? Sounds all wonderful, now, would you like to experience anther breathtaking romance?

Shiny red lipstick matched with bling and cool yellow nails, look at these four yellow nails, uv gel nails, polish glitter nails, stamping nails, which one do you think is the best match for the red lipstick?

Matte orange lipstick with peacock blue nails, bold match, are you willing to try the peacock blue nails? Holographic nails, glitter nails or 3D studs nails, different types with different effect, try to be unique after painting your nails like that.

Green nails with matte red lipstick, it is always right to match red and green, although fearless, could you dare to try the green nails with red lipstick? I think the leaf stamping green nails are really great choice to be more fashionable!!

And do you have any great idea to design your nail art and show your whole view of your lipstick and nails? Welcome to share your beauty pictures, some creative matched are needed for us. Thanks very much for your precious suggestions. What would you like to see in our next blog? Just feel free to share us your inspiration. 


  1. I love the green manicures !

  2. Awwww that green magnetic soak-off nail polish is gorgeous!

  3. Some nice manicures and lip colors.

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  5. Мой новый дизайн ногтей / My new Nail Art: Боке / Bokeh.
    Отзыв / Review: BornPrettyStore. Nail foil & stamping polish.
    Подробности в блоге / More in blog:


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