Let Romantic Red Nails Dance on Your Fingertips ♥

Hello guys. Happy Monday, hope your new busy week will go smoothly. Lol.
Red nails are always hot among nail addicts, do you agree me? Many brides will paint their nails into red at the wedding which means great celebration and festive atmosphere. Today, I am going to share you a collection of romantic red nails which are all shared by bornprettystore customers. Some of them might from you and let’s just enjoy them together~

Stunning red polish nails, which kind of red are you going to try? Pumpkin nail polish #40157, long-lasting nail polish #35979, metallic nail polish #40788 could be found in website, metallic nail polish is one of BORN PRETTY hottest nail polish and another four colors are also great. Get more surprises about cheap nail polish in bornprettystore.com.

Tips: The effect of metallic nail polish will be better if you polish your nails or use the base coat before using the metallic nail polish. You will know the magic effect if you try!

Look at these three uv gel nails, the first two red nails are simply to finish which just need one-step, as its name one-step gel polish, 40 colors optional from bornprettystore, item code #40881. And we could see that the third one is the cat eye gel nails, do you like this style? 

Now, it’s glitter nails time. Mirror powder nails (#41019), peacock chameleon powder nails (#40893) and magnetic chameleon powder nails (#39607), which one do you prefer? It is definitely a great idea to use a magnetic board and design your unique cat eye glitter nails. 

All gorgeous stamping nails, do you also think so? I love the first flower line stamping nails, so cool!! You also could have a nice try here with the item code #40069. And the second flamingo stamping nails are also very popular among nail fans. Many flamingo sticks are shared in bornprettystore.com.

And all red nails are perfect for Christmas nails, and match your red nails with green scarf, could you imagine how beautiful you are? Then try it and paint your nails to earn more praises. ^◡^

Thank you for your support. See you next time, Bye~


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