Beige Nails Full of Autumn and Winter Elegance

Beige, is a kind of feature color, moon’s aperture, romantic color. It has a thick touch of linen cotton, but reveals a silky drape texture. Do you like beige color?

Hello dear. Happy Tuesday! Hope everything is treating you well~ Today, I am very excited to share you a collection of beige nails, hope you will love them.

Cool beige stamping nails make us feel warmer compared with white, more elegant and less dignified compared with black. But we could see that it is well matched with black stamping polish and nail stamping plates. It could be suitable to match it with your black, white or beige clothes.

A little darker beige nails with holo glitter effect, warm and fashionable. You could not deny that the beige nails are very good to design when a bride wears gorgeous white wedding dress, really amazing suit!! If you like the glitter nails and match the nails with your cool dress!  

If you want to try any cool beige nails, theses three ones should be a great choice. Simple design with lovely painting, don’t hesitate to paint your nails like that if you plan to go to beach, seaside or anyplace relaxed.

Beige manis, select a cool bag, then you are a nail queen. Don’t just design your nails without matching it with your clothes well. Hope today’s beige nails will be helpful for you when you are puzzled to choose a kind of nails for your autumn and winner.

Anyway, beige nails deserve your beauty. Have a nice try. Thank you for BORN PRETTY’s customer sharing. Which kind of nail art type do you want to try next time? How about wine red or red nails?

See you next time~ 


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