Neon Chameleon Nails Designs in Two Different Usages

Hello dear. Have you been back to school or work after new year festival? Hope you will start an amazing new year~

Wanna a cool and unique nail art for your 2018? Here I am going to share you a tutorial video about how to make neon chameleon nails with two different steps, are you also curious about that? Then follow me to check the details more~

Please allow to explain more for you:
For the usage 1, which is also the normal nail powder steps, apply the base gel, black gel and top gel, cure your nails after you apply gel each time. Then stick the nail vinyls onto your nails and apply the neon chameleon powder. Finally, peel of the vinyls and apply top gel to finish your nail design.

For the usage 2, please do the same black base to get stronger chameleon effect. Mix the top gel and neon chameleon powder together, then cover the nail vinyls and use the liner brush to draw anything you want. Finally, peel off the vinyls and cure to finish!

Two different usages with two different effects, the first one looks fantastic with chameleon effect, while the second one is special with mermaid effect, which one do you prefer?

If you want to try, here you could see below products:
•BORN PRETTY Unicorn Chameleon Mirror Powder Mermaid Chrome Pigment (#40357)
•Holographic Nail Vinyls(#40957)
•Base Coat(#39795)
•Nail Art Brush(#37666)
•Resin Stone Color Paint Palette(#41760)
All could be found in Have a nice try!

Note: many other nail powder could also be used like the second usage to get different effect:) 


  1. Both techniques are amazing, I like the first more! :-)

    1. The first one is more usual, it is very beautiful!!

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