3D Nails-Unexpected Beauty Designed for You

Hello dear. Wanna try some cool style nail art? Then how do you think of 3d nails or 3d decoration nails? Today, I am going to share you a roundup of decoration nails, hope you would love them.

It is OK to add different colorful rhinestone beads with irregular shapes on your polish or gel nails. Look at the mineral beads nails, also looks fashionable, right?

Nail decorations with black matte nail studs, triangle, square and round shapes are optional here. Decorating your nails, your bags, your phone cases are all very great to try.

This manicure has used the same nail studs with the above nail design, compare the two designs, which one would you like to try firstly? I love the star nail stud, I am going to try it soon, item code: 41239.

Gold 3d nails shared for you now, really creative to do decoration manicure with stamping plate, nice taste to design your nails like it. I love this one so much! Item code: 36332 from bornprettystore.com. 

Fresh nail color, suitable for spring and summer nails, it is good idea to add different amount studs on your nails.

Last manicure, nice combination with stamping patterns, cool style, beautiful nails, suitable for all the occasions. Try this nail decoration now? Item code: 40256. 

Try some 3d nails if you are used to designing polish nails, gel nails, you will feel another different beauty, cool for every girls. Hope you enjoy them~


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