2017 Best Mani Collection-The Inspiration of Your 2018 Nail Designs

Hello sweeties. Happy new year! All the best to your new 2018. Could you share me your most satisfied nail design in 2017? Here I am going to publish a collection of best manicures which are designed by bornprettystore.com bloggers, wanna see them? Let’s enjoy the nail beauty together.

First one, shared from IG@lucy_nail_addict, used the unicorn and geometric stamping plate, four different nail patterns, do you love this style? Item code: 40225 from bornprettystore.com. 

So holographic nails from IG@paintedbypolish_, definitely will be surprised by the holo effect, I just cannot describe how much I love it! More details here.

IG@secretjewelgarden’s great work! Gorgeous nail shape, gorgeous stamping pattern! She used the feather nail stamping with item code 19373. I just wanna stole this idea and try my own special mani!

Gradient fol nails from IG@blondinkao0, the simple way to design your nail art with no harm, wanna try? Check 38888 from bornprettystore site to get more surprises.

Classic geometry stamping nails from IG@manicure.d, she is one of my favorite nail manicurists, all her nail art looks tidy and cool. Hope you could share us more. Stamping plate code :36312.

Also from IG@manicure.d, you have to check here IG page to enjoy the nail beauty with me. Cool nail shape with cool mirror nail effect, so beautiful, I think she is also very pretty! The mirror powder here.

Best choice for autumn leaves stamping nails from IG@aksinailart, how many people also love the gentle colors together just as me? More leaves optional here.

Holographic peacock powder nails shared from IG@peb_nails, a very great nail blogger who will share us so many professional tutorial videos, it is a great place for beginners to learn your manicures here. 

The last one, chameleon stamping nails from IG@nbnailart, make it a cool and different with the chameleon stamping polish, wanna try? Item code: 41004 and 41085.

It is a pity that I just shared some of them for you. Have you found your favorite nail design? Some of them could be from you, share us your ideas about the nail art designs. Now, think about the unique nail ideas and you will be next one to share your nail art on our blog!

Happy new year! 


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