How to Design the Cutest Animal Nail Art

Hello dear. Miss you guys. Now, I am going to share you a roundup of animal nail art, which are all very cute!! Are you expecting that? Here follow to enjoy them one by one.

Enjoy the above two butterfly and floral nail stamping, nice reverse stamping with lovely stamping polish colors, I love it!! Item code: 41068 to try it soon from

Two adorable penguin stamping nail art, best match for this snowy winter and it is very good to add some snowflake on your nails, wanna try? Here to check more details.

Cartoon stamping nail design, it is very important to apply correct stamping polish according to different animals!How do you think of the two nails?

Unicorn, deer, cow, and so many other animal plates patterns are all designed on this plate, look at this one! Is it your type? Item code: 40480.

Actually, besides the animal plates to design nail art, you also could try to draw the any animal you love on your nails with brush. So getting the wholesale nail supplies is necessary for your creative nails, ready for it?

See you next time! Welcome to share us your thoughts about bornprettystore, any suggestions at any time are warmly welcomed!! Thanks in advance. 


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