The Presence of UV Gel Nails in Your Life, Enjoy Yourselves ♥♥♥♥

Hello, our Born Pretty lovelies, happy Friday! The weekend is coming, are you well prepared for your weekend? Then are you ready for your weekend art nails? If not, this post may bring you any inspiration, hope you will love our customers’ uv gel nails ◍•ᴗ•◍

Firstly, I have to share you a collection of so beautiful uv gel nails with our born pretty store product 39796. Now let’s enjoy them together~

These are designed by the same artist and you could see more from her IG account. Uv gel nails can be designed very easily and you just need to use the base gel and the gel polish, then add the top gel. Wanna try?

Above two nails are made by our product cat eye gel polish and the item code is 37324. Look at them, delicate and exquisite design, if you like them and shop it soon~

Two pure gel polish nail art, really art nails!! I love the below one, looks mysterious and cool! I have to try it soon. Come and join with me. More surprise here.

These two manicure gel nail polish, how do you think of them? It is easy to finish with wholesale nail polish. Come and visit our and share us your favorite nail art products. Search 39776 to see more about the colorful gel nail polish.

The last two uv gel nails are different with below ones, which are chameleon sequin gel polish. It is cheap with high quality, wanna try them?

Now, is it done! And hope you like these gorgeous uv gel nails. Then you could get them to try!!! You also could see more wholesale nail polish from our website. Share us your nail art designs them.

Thank you for your support, our Born Pretty lovely fans. Please feel free to share us your thoughts through comments. See you next time. Have a nice weekend! Heart~ ♥♥♥♥


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