Born Pretty Amazing New Arrivals-Nail Art UV Gel Polish You Could Collect

Hey, loves! How are you these days?

It has been a while from last time we share you a collection of uv gel nail polish. Do you have any plan to buy some special and stunning nail art supplies? If yes, then congratulations, this post will bring you any surprise. Hope you will love them:)

Cool chameleon cat eye soak off uv gel polish has been displayed as above picture shows. 12 colors can be selected from here, and we also provide the usage steps in details, so it is OK if you don’t know how to use it. The nail art design will looks better if you use the black gel firstly.

Colorful soak off gel polish, do you want to try? You know that soak off gel polish is convenient when you want to change your nail design and it also bring less harm for our nails. We also call this kind of nail gel polish candy polish, do you agree me?

Attention!! This uv gel polish is the one that should be a great benefit for you nail artists and professional nail designers. You could see three types: tempered base coat, tempered matte top coat and tempered top coat. Each one has different features and advantages, and you can try tempered top coat if you hope your nails solid. Search item code 40707 from 

As the name pumpkin soak off uv gel, the colors of the polish just look like the pumpkin. Which one color do you like best? Bright colors may make you happier. Click here to get more details about this product. 

The last one is the most special one that I show you today. Glitter gel holographic polish, do you have similar one? The effect is different with above four kinds of polish. Please remember to shake up the polish to make the polish color balanced.

Now, it is done! Hope you have found one you love. Trust me, the effect will not let you down if you are willing to give it a try~~

Finally, the coupon code GPL91 to get 10% off discount is still valid for the original price products.

See you next time!


  1. I have them and I am super anxious to try all of them!


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