Born Pretty Art Nails, Tailor- Made for You ♥♥

Hello everyone. Happy Friday~

Do you like art nails? If yes, would you like to try our Born Pretty nail art supplies? Today, I am going to share you a collection of nail art stickers reviews from our Born Pretty customers. Please feel free to share your thoughts about them with us. Thanks, dears:)

Firstly, I am going to show you two cool gradient holo nail stickers review. You would be surprised if you are willing to click here. Have you used this kind of holo blue stickers before? Then why don’t you try this one?

Secondly, three sky manicure blue nails will be shared with you guys. See them clearly, looks similar, right? But you will find that each one will bring you different feelings. Stunning nail art stickers, search item code 39764 from to add it to your cart~

Thirdly, elegant and bright flower water decal nails, so beautiful, agree me? There are many different colored flowers patterns to choose here, do not miss it~

Fourthly, 3d art sticker nails are coming. Are you ready? Pink color with nole lines make the nails look unique. It is really art nails, do you also think so?

Finally, two nail reviews with flower water decals, could you figure out they are sticker nails when you look at them for the first sight? Search 39738 to help you solve your questions.

Kindly let me know your feelings about them and comment your favorite one below:)

Thanks for our customers’ nail art stickers review sharing. ♥♥♥ You are free to share us your nails designs or share your prediction art nails trend with us. Thanks so much in advance for your feedback ~

See you. Hope you will have an unforgettable weekend. Heart~


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